Liability Top five Dangers around your Home

Homeowners make a wise decision to be protected by insurance even when it is no longer required. Without property insurance, the unexpected can become a financial nightmare and bankrupt you.

The liability portion of your policy will cover any mishaps in or outside of your home. Personal injury can be quite expensive and the recovery lengthy, depending on the type of injury. Medical costs would be more than most could afford without insurance.

Liability issues can be avoided by correcting existing dangers. You may have become accustomed to them, so to get started, begin your review by using the following list.

Top Five Danger Areas Around Your Home

1. Hand Railings

Steps leading up to your front door, stairs to a second level or the basement should have hand rails. These have not always been required as part of the building codes, so many homes are without them. If your home is one of them, make arrangements to have them installed immediately.

Homes with existing hand rails need to be examined on a regular basis to ensure they are secure, not wobbly. Be sure to test for their weight bearing strength. If unsure, seek out professional advice.

2. Lighting

As a homeowner, you are responsible for providing a safe approach to your home, even for the uninvited. The existing porch light may not be bright enough. Consider not only using a energy-saving bulb, but also strategically installing a motion detector to provide a well-lit approach.

3. Walkways

Many walkways are made of concrete sections that over time deteriorate, creating large dips in the once-level surface. Shifting ground may have caused edges to rise above the others.

Working with concrete is not for everyone, so seek out a professional. There may be other options available, so do a little research to locate a product that will present an entirely new look as well as providing the safety you desire.

4. Area/Throw Rugs

Throw rugs claim to have no-skid backing, but if they are washable, this feature is lost over time. We can do away with them altogether or replace them much more frequently to ensure they will not slide.

Large area rugs are dangerous on certain types of flooring. Unless they are a very high quality, they will begin to slide around. We can secure them with double-stick tape.

Most rugs on the market today are for appearances only and lack quality safety features to prevent sliding. Switching to wall-to-wall carpet may be a viable option.

5. Waxed Floors

Waxed floors are beautiful to behold but are dangerous. Certain ingredients resulting in a lustrous shine make the surface extremely slippery with or without shoes. Experiment with various ‘shine’ products to achieve the desired look without being slippery.

Home decor and style are important to you and your home is more than a valuable asset. By eliminating all potential dangers, you protect yourselves and your guests.