Life on the Plantation – No

This is a very interesting, open-ended, and politically loaded question… and I love it, since operates on three distinct levels [or planes] of perceptual social responsibility and thought! Consequently, let us multi-track together along the lines of these three very specific concepts.

First, the question: “Should everyone have the ‘Right to Retire’ at some point” implies that they most obviously and currently don’t… and that, perhaps, we should do something as a society to address that particular lack of institutionalized social unfairness. However, this political argument is clearly specious, invalid, and honestly untrue!

All Americans possess an inherent “Right” to the work of their own personal choosing! The fact that, “you choose, not to work” in no way abridges, ameliorates, or even suspends these rights… even, as your choice, “to engage in non-profit work [or activities]” is equally protected under our codified statutes and laws. Therefore, you already possess a “Right To Retire.”

Second, the question: “Should everyone have the ‘Right To Retire At Some Point,’” implies that human beings are incapable [on their own] to honestly achieve such highly beneficial outcomes without State or Federal involvement… and that our overall society should conceivably provide ample provisioning for that ongoing social reality. Again, this argument is specious, invalid, and untrue!

Human beings are fully capable of providing for themselves a respite from certain and arduous labors by proper habits of spending, saving, and investing over a lifetime of work… and they would even be able to do more so, if the various governments wouldn’t squeeze every solitary dime [conceivable] out of their taxpaying and economic slaves.

Meanwhile, simple “Ponzi Schemes” – such as Social Security [factually is, by governmental admission] – are a societal menace and drain away hard working people’s money at the very time when actually possessing it might really do them some good. A significantly larger paycheck, in your right pants pocket, means far more to someone first starting out; than someone who has everything already paid for!

They can buy a nice and decent home, rather than expending every hard fought for penny on renting a ramshackle trailer, or to live in a [frequently crumbling] tenement house. They can drive a nice, new, and reliable car; rather than expending far more money on a rattletrap vehicle, which costs more to drive – due to higher fuel consumption and constant costly repairs. They can afford to meet their family’s true financial needs, rather than failing that and ending up in a more costly divorce… to them, and our overall society, at large.

For those – that already can obtain those things, at a very early age – they can pay them all off that much sooner, and begin saving for their eventual retirement even faster. While those still choosing to rent [for whatever reason], can invest for their retirements early on and take advantage of even longer term compounding interest.

Nor, are we honestly discussing very small sums of money! The eight percent being paid by our selves is being matched dollar for dollar by our own employers, thanks to these same societal statutes and laws. Where do we think this money essentially comes from? Our hardly earned paychecks, of course! They merely take it out from up front… before we ever even see it.

Meanwhile, after years and years of backbreaking labor what do we [factually] get for all of these governmentally inflicted troubles? Did they wisely invest all of that money for us? Did they even place it with a bank, at medieval interest? Do they even still have it? No! They gave it away to someone else, or spent it on some fantastical new governmental program – that was far more important, in obtaining new votes!

Whereas, our secondary purpose of retirement has long been forgotten by then… and who can you honestly blame? Not your current representative, cause he didn’t do it. Not your past representative, because he’s already escaped through his own [crafty] political retirement. That only leaves yourself… because you’re an obvious idiot!

Let’s look, at the simple facts:

* Fact: “you were incapable of handling your very own money and you, even, foolishly admitted as much – to make them more fully aware of it!”

 * Fact: “you trusted your leaders in handling your money in a self-admitted ‘Ponzi Scheme’ – which is never the best option!”

 * Fact: “those very same leaders carefully devised laws against any other such pyramid activities – because they are harmful to any society and always eventually and inevitably collapse. Yet, you didn’t take notice of what they were saying!”

* Fact: “you actually trusted those leaders, while knowing full well that you wouldn’t have any power over them after they [themselves] retired from office, or [in some cases] often died!”

 * Fact: “you are surprised that Social Security will soon be bankrupt!”

 * Fact: “you are still unmotivated to do anything at all about it, anyway, before it finally implodes!”

 You are an idiot! Yes, I said it… and I’ll do it again, whenever it’s necessary, to get you to honestly wake up…. You’re an idiot!

Third, the question: “Should everyone have the right to retire at some point,” implies that the government [at societal bequest] is actually forcing us to work… and that, my friends, “hits the nail on the head!” If you have arrived at this conclusion, or hidden layer of underlying meaning, then perhaps there’s hope for you yet…. The Bible says, that: “to him, whom you obey, you are [in fact] slaves” and its true!

If our society is allowed to circumvent your familial relationships, property, and personal freedoms; then we are slaves to that society! If our government is empowered to confiscate our wealth as fast as it is potentially being created, then we have essentially become the unpaid servants working in our Masters choicest fields!

Again, let’s look at the facts:

* Fact: “Each of these masters lives in a big white house… enjoys the finest of luxuries, cuisine, and beverages at our personal expense… has plenty of time for travel with us footing the bill… and tells us what to do, completely unquestioned most of the time.”

*  Fact: “Each of these masters claims the sole right to ownership of ourselves, all or our property, and even our children… they can lock us up for not paying them… take all of our property if we refuse to cough up their extortions… and can easily take away our children without any accuser being made present, or [for that matter] even being known.”

 * Fact: “None of us Personally Authorized these Executive Authorities or Powers, nor either did our ancestors. Had they done so, The Constitution would have been properly amended and/or changed… and thus, they are Tyrants – by the clear definition!”

We are Socio-Economic Slaves! However, we are slaves none-the-less. This makes us the biggest idiots of all! Since our ancestors were Freemen and devised a governmental system to ensure that we would be too, as well… and yet, we were “Too Stupid To Keep It!” As Benjamin Franklin said, while striding out of The Convention in 1789, “It’s a republic, if we can keep it!” Sound familiar? Thought so….

Like Jesus told the Pharasees, “You are not your father’s children… for if you were, you’ld do your father’s work [or actions]” – I can honestly say it again, to You. My ancestors would never consent to slavery: societal, governmental, or otherwise! If you were my brothers, then you would understand why I must continue my father’s work here in America?