Lifelock Review

Lifelock is considered one of the best identity theft protection agencies around, offering customers protection from fraud and ID theft from many different angles. There are two different tiers of protection plans offered by Lifelock, insuring that you find the level of protection that is right for you, your family, or your business.

The basic Lifelock plan works on the basis of 3 fundamental goals: detection, protection and remediation. The detection aspect of this plan is designed to keep you informed of suspicious activity that might be occurring with your personal information or financial accounts. Lifelock continuously monitors various online databases and websites that may compromise personal information. They look for any unauthorized personal information that might be floating around these sites and then report it to you immediately via email. They keep an eye out for any unauthorized loan activity that might use your personal information, such as fraudulent pay day loans.  This is a vital part of identity theft protection.

Another important feature in the LifeLock plan is the reporting of sex offenders that have moved into your area. If any of these criminals has used your address in a fraudulent manner you will be notified immediately. Court Records, public records, and even alias records that match your personal information will be listed for you under the LifeLock protection plan as well. This can be especially important in finding criminals who use your information to commit crimes.

Lifelock uses a service called True Address to look for any fraudulent use of addresses associated with your personal information in databases around the world. The customer service team at lifelock will work hard to remedy any fraudulent address change.

As far as protection goes, the Standard Lifelock plan comes with the Identity Alert System, which will alert you via email, phone, or postal mail whenever there is a breach of your personal identity. They also offer a system which reduces the amount of pre-approved credit card mailers you receive in the mail. These mailers can be a very useful tool for ID thieves to steal your personal info by going through your mail. Service representatives are available 24 hours by visiting Lifelock’s website and using their online contact forms.

In the event that identity theft occurs, members of LifeLock will be insured for up to $1 million dollars! Wallet Lock is another service offered under both protection plans, and gives customers added piece of mind if they do happen to lose their wallet. A specialist will help replace the items in your wallet, saving you valuable time when this does occur.

The cost of the standard Lifelock plan is $10 per month, with the upgraded Lifelock Command Center plan costing $15 per month. The upgraded plan adds several key features to the protection package, including all public records alerts, loan alerts, sex offender alerts, and personal breach protection services.