Living Frugal Savings Tips Frugality Tips

This articles main goal is to provide the reader with common sense tips to live the frugal lifestyle. Living the frugal lifestyle is a habit that needs to be developed by every reader.

You want to set up a broad budget outline that can clearly define your fixed expense and your flexible and wants expenses. Once you have your budget set up, you should also focus on the ability to control your attitudes, emotions, and the spending decision process that you make.

One of the biggest tips you can do is to avoid impulse buying decisions. Do your research on line and compare the products benefits and features, as well as price prior to your going into the retail environment. By waiting 24 hours before you make your purchase decisions that will take the emotion out of the process. You can also conduct a last minute on line price comparison for that product. You can ask yourself if you really, really need that item.

Another tip that you should consider is to plan at least one weekend a month as a “FREE SPENDING WEEKEND”. You can find activities, meals, entertainment that you and your whole family can participate in for Free.

For an example order your movies from and spend the night as a dinner and date night. You grill your dinner; invite friends over to watch the flick. Tell you friends to bring their own booze or drinks. Log into the web site;, and watch your favorite shows on your computer for free. Don’t forget you can also rent a movie from your local library for free.

Most families cannot live by movies alone every weekend. So check out your local entertainment guides and focus on free activities for you and your family. They offer plenty of free concerts, plays, shows, sports to take advantage of.

When it comes to groceries, plan your meals around, your local grocery store sales. Go on line a obtain your coupons from sites such as, the paid site Don’t forget to look in your local newspapers for their coupons. Take advantage of the store sales and also don’t be afraid to purchase generic brands.

As for your weekly, monthly meal plan scheduling consider some of the following options. Stretch your meals for a night of left over. Make a nice bowl of chili with turkey hamburger, onions, peppers, garlic, tomato sauce, beans. You can plan another meal of rice, beans, and a salad. A grilled cheese sandwich is a good standby. Consider also a nice big bowl of chicken soup for a couple of nights. Pork Loin’s that are baked is a nice meal. As well as chicken stir fry. Mac and cheese is a family favorite meal. You should drink an 8 oz glass of water prior to eating your three meals. Drinking the water will make you feel full.

During your free weekend hold a yard sale to clear the clutter from your home. List the items those don’t sell at your yard sale with web sites such as, and You can always “window shop” at flea markets, other yard sales, rummage sales on the weekends.

When you decide to dine out utilize the local entertainment coupon guide booklets. Also look for sales such as Applebee’s two for $20 meals. If it is just the two of you dining out consider ordering one meal and split that meal. Most restaurants provide you with more than enough food for one person. You can either dine out a luncheon specials or take advantage of the early bird specials.

Contact your local utility company to conduct a Free energy audit of your home. Have your utility company set up a budget billing plan for you so that your energy cost are split evenly Thu out the year.

By taking advantage of these small steps outlined in the article you can make a healthy habit of a frugal life style. You the reader have to decide if you want your financial freedom enough to put the effort into living the frugal lifestyle.