Living Simply and more Frugally

I have lived through some tough financial times and living simply and frugally can be difficult for people who are used tom having a lot of disposable income. If you are finding yourself with less money do to tough times there are several ways you can live more frugally and have extra money in your pocket.


Your food budget makes up a large portion of your spending habits. Shop for items when they are on sale and buy simple products that you can stretch out. Plain dried beans, rice bulk vegetables in bags, warehouse packs of meat, 12 packs of canned goods will all go further and save you more money. Use coupons and deals such as 2 for 1 when they are available and resist the temptation to buy what you really don’t need.

Everyday Items

Your local dollar store can provide some great deals on common things you use everyday such as toiletries, household cleaners, kitchen supplies, and office supplies. Some of these items might not be as good as brand name but they do an adequate job and same you money in the process. Dollar stores even have cheap food items like tuna, or pasta mixes that can be used for a quick meal.

Take Transit

Your car can be a huge expense so if you live close enough to work or can find a bus route, consider using the transit more often. Sitting in traffic all the time burns gas and money from your pocket book. If you have a larger car, sell it and buy a smaller more fuel efficient vehicle. Car pooling can be another way to save money as you alternate driving days with friends that may work close to you.


Chances are your closet is already stuffed with clothes so wear what you have and don’t buy anything new unless you have too. Thrift stores, discounts sales, can provide you with new clothing at a greatly reduced price. Leave the designer brands on the rack and look for cheaper brands.


Your entertainment budget may be costing you more then you realize. If you own a cell phone or other electronic device that has a subscription consider canceling it unless you must have it for work. These gadgets are not necessary and the expense of having one impacts the availability of your income for more important things such as food. Cancel magazines subscriptions and view them online, most publications have their own website with the same basic materials or online subscriptions that cost less then the print magazine delivery. Other things that can be cut back are dining out, and alcohol consumption which can get very expensive quickly. Entertain friends at home with a home-cooked meal, and consider a home-brewery for alcohol which can be very cheap and even taste better then popular store brands.

Grow A Garden

If you have the space, grow a home garden and save on food purchases. You can preserve the food you don’t use and have it for use over the colder months of the year. Food from a garden tastes better and gets you in touch with nature. Eva a simple herb garden op a city balcony is a good start.

Sell What You Don’t Need

Sell items in your home that no longer have any use. Old games, books CDs, videos can be sold on eBay or other sites. You could have a garage sale or put an ad up on a free bulletin board. Try shopping garage sales yourself for great deals on things you may need.


Saving money and living frugally isn’t very hard to do. If you are accustomed to a more lavish lifestyle just cut back on your spending, and get used the simple things in life. A sunset with a loved one is more important than the latest gadget or craze. Live simply, enjoy life, and the other things besides money that it offers.