Louisiana Auto Insurance

Louisiana, like most other states, has mandatory auto insurance requirements in place. These requirements mean any registered vehicle in the state must carry the minimum liability coverage at all times. Drivers must have a policy in effect that includes 15/30/25 coverage. These amounts refer to the amounts the auto insurance agency will pay to the other person involved in an at fault accident. Up to $15,000 is provided for one person to cover death or bodily injury damages. The maximum amount of money the insurance company will pay in Bodily injury is $30,000,for 2 or more people injured. $25,000 in Property damage is also included, with the auto insurance company willing to pay up to this amount to cover the cost of repairs to property.

Keep in mind these amounts are the minimum amounts required only, and are quiet low. Most auto insurance companies recommend maintaining atleast $100,000 Bodily injury coverage. No matter what amount of coverage you choose, it is important to ensure that auto insurance is always in effect. It is a crime to drive without auto insurance in Louisiana, and doing so can result in huge fines, the suspension of your driving privileges and vehicle registration.

It is required that proof of insurance be carried in the vehicle at all times. Proof of insurance includes a letter or identification card from the auto insurance company. This proof must be immediately shown to any law enforcement officer or the Louisiana DMV upon request.

Collision and uninsured motorist coverage are additional types of insurance you might want to consider. Some cars with leases may be required to carry these policies per their finance company, regardless of the state requirements. Collision is always a great coverage to include in your basic policy. Collision coverage pays for repairs, up to the Kelley Blue Book value, to your automobile in an auto accident. Uninsured motorist coverage can help minimize the costs of an accident with a driver not carrying auto insurance on their vehicle, or whoese coverage amounts do not cover the total amount of damages. These policies can be added to the state required coverage for only a little more each month.

Premiums averaged $1,069 for auto insurance in Louisiana, though your rate may be higher or lower, based on a number of factors including age, type of vehicle, city, driving record, and even your credit score. It is always best to compare rates, and this is easily done with an online site such as www.esurance.com. In as little as 6 minutes, you can have up to 5 quotes from the areas top rated auto insurance companies. It is worth the few minutes to compare rates. You could save $500 or more per year!