Lowering Auto Insurance Premiums

Stop sitting there complaining about the price of your auto insurance premiums and do something about it! Anyone has the chance to cash in on super insurance premium savings, and some of them offer as much as $700 more cash in your pocket at the end of the year. Lowering your car insurance premium requires only a little work and time; with savings that will make you proud! Consider these options for lowering your auto insurance premiums.

* Ask For Discounts

Car insurance companies are notorious for offering discounts. There are dozens of them; all coming in to chop 10-30% off of your premium. Each agency will offer their own set of discounts. Be sure to ask for discounts from each company. Common discounts to look out for include: safe driver discounts, loyal customer discounts, and those for driver’s with multiple policies or drivers on the same policy.

* Compare Rates

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: compare rates. You hear it over and over again because it works. Taking a few minutes out of the day to get insurance quotes is the number one way to take a huge chunk of the monthly premium being paid to the insurance agency. Quotes are available online for the most convenience, where as many as 10 different insurance agencies policies and prices will be available to view. It is possible to save hundreds of dollars with this single step!

* Pay Less

Sounds great, right? But you’re not actually paying less than required to the insurance company, only making less payments. Rather than pay your premiums monthly, consider switching to one or two payments per year. This will eliminate several dollars from your yearly amount, sometimes as much as $100 or more!

* Keep It Clean

Depending on the state or country that you reside, credit report scores may be used to determine the amount that you will be paying! The higher your score, the lower your payment. No sweat for those with good credit, but for anyone who may have a few blemishes, this may signal an enormous car insurance premium. If there are negative marks on your credit score, get them paid off as quickly as possible and benefit in more ways than one.

* Drive Like Mom Would Want

Driving records are always taken into consideration when determining your auto insurance premium, and just one imperfection on your record could signal increases as much as 40% in your premium. Follow all of the rules of the road when you drive. Use your turn signals, stop at the signs! This will reduce the chances of having an accident and the heat coming out of your wallet!

These are just a few of the best ways to keep a low auto insurance premium. Use them; benefit from them, and never again pay a higher premium than you should!