Make more Money

It might not make you 50k but by doing the things I do, I am certain that you can certainly make significant savings and improve your income with a small investment of time and effort and making some small changes in your life and routines.

Making 50k isn’t just about improving you income, it’s about saving more from what you have and using it wisely.

Savings you can make:

Stop buying lunch at work and when you’re out and about. Batch make sandwiches and freeze them (no salad) saving $4 per day  5 days per week 50 weeks per year.  $1000

Cut your grocery bill, shop sales, use coupons and batch bake meals from scratch   average family can save $200 per month easily.   $2400

Stop eating out. Period saving the average family at least $150 per month  $1800

Shop around for all your insurances and utilities where there is an option. Average easily save $50 per month  $600

Use public transport, walk and plan errands so they’re all in one journey.  $50 per month $600

Refinance your credit card debts and pay them off with all the money you have saved in other areas. $200 per month $2400

Ebay everything you don’t use or need, use amazon to sell your books and cds.  Most families have thousands of dollars of things just lying about useless.  Make sure you include clothes, shoes and other household items.  Use Craigslist for larger items.  $3000

Do surveys $20 per month $240

Mystery shop, get paid to visit stores and restaurants, get to keep the things you are sent to buy.  $50 per month $600

Take a stall at your local farmers market selling produce or crafts.  $50 per month $600

Do small jobs for neighbours, babysitting, grass cutting whatever you have a skill in $50 per month $600

Write for Helium! Figures of $200 per month are achievable for a reasonable effort.  $2400.

That’s over $16000 you just made or saved, by making a few small changes and ensuring your money goes as far as it can.  Now you have made a start, you can think of so many other things you can save on, and things you can use that money for to start a small business and make the remaining £34k in no time.