Make the new Couple Happy without Making your Wallet Sad Simple Ways to Save on Wedding Gifts

Weddings are an extremely magical and extraordinary event. It’s the day that a couple gets to share their love with all of their friends and family. Everyone invited gets to feel that love as they watch the couple begin their new lives together. It’s acceptable to say that wedding guests want to help make the couples big day even more exceptional by providing them with a remarkable wedding gift. Alas, the economy sucks and more often than not it’s almost impossible to find something on a wedding gift registration for under $200.  No need to fret, there are a few ways that you can still rock the bride and grooms world with your awesome gift while also still being able to pay your bills.

First is the easiest way to get around that expensive registration list. One word, cash. Think about it; okay so you can get them a plate set of the list for $200 or just give them $100 cash. They will love their new plate set, but the cash looks a little more impressive. And honestly this day in age most couples have already been living together before the wedding. They probably already own almost everything a household needs. Another quick tip worth passing on is that when giving cash gifts, you can add at least $50 to the amount you are giving when it comes to the level of gratitude. People say that cash is a thoughtless gift, but before writing this guide, the writer asked everyone she knew what they think is the best wedding gift. Out of over 20 people all but three said cash.

Another way to save on a gift is to make something creative for them. That doesn’t mean the kind of thing that you made for your mom for mother’s day when you were a child. There are things that you can create and give as a gift that, even though they are handmade, still look sophisticated and impressive. You can put together a slide show of the couple’s lives, from birth to when they met to now. You can buy an inexpensive pillow, blanket, or anything really and get their names put on it. There are so many good ideas when it comes to creative handmade gifts that I could write an entire article just on that.  Go online for ideas; you can visit websites such as to find some.

A different way to save is to bake them something. If you really don’t have much to spend on a gift baked goods are a great option. Find a recipe for an extravagant looking dessert and present it to the happy couple. Sweets will usually make anyone happy. They will also make you happy when your entire gift only costs you $30.

Finally the last idea for you is to offer your time and service. You can offer to take care of their home while they are away on their honeymoon.  Or if you wanted to talk to them before the wedding your can offer to help. You can label invitations, help with the shopping, help decorate, or anything that they need help with for the wedding. This kind of gift is great because it doesn’t cost you anything except time, and couples always need extra help while preparing for their wedding.

All in all, no matter when you get them they will be happy. Don’t be stressed out over what you are going to get them. They invited you to their wedding because you are somebody that they care about and wanted to share their special day with. It wasn’t because they were hoping you were going to get them an expensive gift. Take a little bit of time, get them something they will love and that you are proud of, and enjoy the big day.