Managing Student Loans

When someone reaches graduation usually wants to get rid of student debt as fast as possible in order to move on to another stage of his financial life. However, this is not always an easy task. Student debt accumulates and prevents graduated students from repaying the whole debt in a speedy manner. Sometimes students spend years paying just the interests on their loans while the principal remains intact.

Moreover, student loans usually have a mere 6 month grace period after graduation that lenders seem to think is enough time for someone to get a permanent job and a steady income. This is not always true; in fact, it takes far more than that to find a job. And those lucky enough to get hired within this period, usually get part-time jobs or temporary jobs which do not provide a good enough income to meet the loans’ installments.

Student Consolidation Loans

This situation forces students to resort to student consolidation loans so they can reduce the amount of their monthly payments and if possible reduce the amount of money paid on interests too. Furthermore the sole reduction of the number of outstanding loans cuts hundreds of dollars on administrative fees that are usually charged separately (though sometimes included in the interest rate).

Student Consolidation loans help by reducing the monthly payments; however, they will not speed up the debt reduction process unless you undertake other measures in order to boost their effects. There are many additional actions you can take in order to start eliminating debt more quickly so you can become debt free in a few years.

Cut On Unnecessary Expenses And Postpone Costly Actions

Till you find a permanent job, you can aid your debt reduction process by cutting on redundant expenses such as dinning out, attending to clubs every weekend, etc. Also, it will not kill you to keep sharing an apartment till you can afford rent on your own while managing to pay for your loan at the same time.

Basically, unless after paying for your loan monthly installment you have enough money to cover for any unexpected event, do not get into more unnecessary expenses and use the money to pay off the loan’s principal sooner or build some savings for emergencies.


Another option if you find yourself in a tight situation is to request your consolidation loan lender forbearance. Forbearance is a period of time during which the loan payments will be suspended. Make sure you use this time to solve whatever problem is preventing you from making your monthly payments and also to build some savings to cover for unexpected events in case this comes to happen again.

Most lenders offer forbearances only once a year and some of them only offer one in the whole life of the loan, so make sure you really need it before requesting this grace period. Otherwise if another unexpected event takes place you will not be able to use this tool and will have to resort to other finance sources worsening your debt problems.