Marijuana might be Good for you

Is Marijuana really that bad? According to government brainwashing commericals, you smoke marijuana and shoot someone with a gun, or commit suicide, But what are the REAL facts about marijuana?

Marijuana has been consumed for over thousands of years, when cannabis is consumed (either smoked or ingested) the tetrahydrocannabinol, or ‘THC’ for short, is an active psycoactive with effects described as “euporia, content, increased appreciation of music, passivism, laughter, and increase in body/mind connection.

So why is marijuana considered a bad thing? well, first off marijuana itself is not a “bad” drug, it has numerous healthy benefits. Cannabis increases appetite which can help people with ailments such as AIDS/HIV and Cancer, also it reduces nausea so the person can regain weight. AIDS is known as the “wasting syndrome” for its ability to decrease hunger in its host. It can also help with Glucoma by lowering internal eye pressure.

Now, what about cancer? Can marijuana cause cancer?

Smoking Marijuana (even long term use) does not cause cancer of the upper lung or throat. Numerous doctors have researched marijuana and have found no association with marijuana and cancer. Infact, if anything it has a positive affect on cancer cells, slowing the growth rate.

Of course Marijuana has some negative effects. Chronic use of Marijuana can lead to respiritory problems. However, there are some ways to prevent this, such as using a water pipe or “bong”.

Overall, marijuana is a safe drug when compared to the legal alternatives. Withdrawl of the drug has no extreme effects.
Someone withdrawing from the drug may find life a bit dull or boring without marijuana, this should subside within 1-6 weeks, depending on usage.

I think marijuana is a safe drug that should be used responsibly and treated with respect. marijuana does not kill people, nor have there ever been any deaths reported from marijuana intoxication alone. Unlike some legal drugs, such as cigarettes and alcohol. You CANNOT overdose from marijuana.

I think its incredibly ignorant to illegalize a drug that has many medical and monetary benefits to society. Why are cigarettes and alcohol legal if they cause more harm than this illegal one? All the time people hear about drunk driving and cancer. I’m not saying illegalize alcohol but I think the government should look at the benefits our society could obtain through legalization.

If you’re gonna smoke ANYTHING, smoke marijuana. It is the healthiest (illegal) alternative to legal intoxication and tobacco use.