Market Outlook for 2008

What happens in one company affects all countries since buying and selling is global; therefore,the Global financial market outlook for 2008 is anybody’s playground at this time. The serious experts who make their fortunes studying the buying and selling habits of the world probably know what they are talking about; the rest of us don’t.Yet, the world over the economical picture is sobering to say the least. Possibly the best thought to pass along to the players is ‘steady’.

What we all have in common, hopefully, is honesty. We must at least believe in what we say, give no false information on purpose, or mislead anyone intentionally. This is something the industry insists upon and their penalties are high for violations.

Therefore, let’s hope that Global investing in 2008 will continue to watch after its own and will pull the plug on those who are not playing according to Hoyle. With that first prediction out on paper, I will show my credentials for saying what I am saying in this article: I know nothing about the stock market but off and on I have visited on line sites and have gained a little bit of knowledge.

While I can in no way read a financial sheet and interpret the little letter and numerical symbols, nor understand all of the terminology, I have a little bit of commonsense about how things are produced, how ideas are generated and what makes for a good business. The first criteria here is having someone who wants to buy what you are selling.

In my favor, I like to learn and I especially like to learn about new ideas and I am always searching for ways to break into writing markets. I prefer reading articles by investments writers over reading cut and dry statistics. That’s it. So read this, but do not act on my predictions for the future of global investments for 2008. I have spent an hour or so today on the Internet and they are the basis for the following predictions.

Business Week will continue to be the best all around source of news, investing do’s and don’s, and just good old interesting thought provoking articles on the world of Business. When the Internet was new in the early nineties, I used to read it online. I found it fascinating and enlightening then and I still do.

As for stock recommendations I am a believer in the tried and true. Although I read with interest and even sampled, the newest search tool to be launched, (today January 7, 2008), I agree with a Business Week writer who does not believe it will overtake Google. (Goog)

Comcast, the largest cable company will continue to be watched closely for some new ways in improving the habits of television viewers. (As part of the honesty deal I mentioned above, I must admit it is my cable company and in a very small way, I support them. I have no other choice. The apartment complex does not allow satellite dishes.)

CBS will be back in full swing with its new early show. It will have a new interesting new features that will take away some of NBC and ABC’s early morning audience.

Globally, I think there will be less backbiting and chicanery where business is concerned. Wise nations will realize more fully how the bad economy of any country will affect them. They can stockpile all kinds of goods but if they cannot export them, why bother?

China will help reign in on their greedy producers and will insist that companies doing business with them on their soil will watch closely to see that the country does not have to pay the penalty for a few of its less honest dealers. In other words, if they expect to keep on making toys for our children, they will have to see that they are safe.

What I am hoping for rather than predicting is that the world will see each other as a neighbor and skin color and nationality and religion will not become deciding factors in how one treats the other. Respect and consideration and sharing the gifts of the one Creator will be the order of the day, and not a sometimes thing. This should help business deals for 2008 and beyond.