Martin Driver Houston Conduct Polite Police Officer Confrontation

In America, we are fortunate enough to live in a free nation. We don’t reside in pseudo-democracies, like Haiti. Police and thugs loyal to Prime Minister Jean-Betrand Aristide kidnap and torture anyone who criticizes the government. In some, African nations, police are corrupt and regularly serve their highest bidder. They committ as many crimes as the so-called criminals themselves. The same situations are in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Because of low wages, police officers misuse their authority to oppress their communities than “protect and serve” them.

For the most part, American cops are well-trained, polite and just. They work a highly stressful job. Being a police officer can end your life. Every day, emergency calls can range from rescuing a cat to defusing a hostage standoff. Any situation has the potential to be life-threatening. Know that when confronted by an officer. But, remember NOT to do these things.

1) Ball up your fists.

2) Stand in a combative manner.

3) Act in a suspicious and evasive fashion.

4) Freak out.

5) Take off and run.

When you’re confronted by an officer, remember to DO these things.

1) Politely inquire why you’re being stopped.

2) Cooperate fully.

3) Stay in a public area. If an officer suggests you and him go “somewhere private”, calmly ask why.

4) If an officer’s conduct makes you uneasy, report the incident to a review board.

5) If an officer verbally or physically abuses you, file charges with the police department. After doing that, be willing to tell your story to a newspaper and stand by it.

More times or not, police officer are above reproach. You can’t be breaking the law when an officer confronts you and expect fair treatment. When you’re pulled over in a vehicle, don’t be driving that vehicle with a suspended license or expired tags. Don’t be in that vehicle with an open container of alcohol or a bag of weed in the panel. When you’re breaking the law, an officer has the right to do their job and make you uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, we have incidents of police brutality. They are ugly and heinous. Sometimes, you can do the right thing and end up like Martin Driver. Houston police officers allegedly beat the father of Green Bay Packer wideout, Donald Driver. Each day, someone is victimized by an officer who thinks they are above the law. However, the few who shame the shield aren’t real cops. They just wear the uniform. Real cops are heroes. Heroes do more than just fill out their uniforms.