Media Censoring the Church

The Tabloid Media: Political and Religious Arrest

Before evaluating the quality of programs on television as well as cable some careful yet pertinent considerations must be imbibed into where we were in the past when wholesome family satires like the Beverly Hill Billies, the Andy Griffin Show, Green Acres, I Dream of Genie, Be-Witch, Bonanza, Wild Wild West, Ray Rainer’s show and many others. Now, our eyes electronically observes all kinds of carnivorous behaviors on family satires and in the same manner cartoons. How much of this is wholesome for families? One might speculate it only reinforces a broader problem of mental starvation.

In order to function as mental hygienists it is our responsibility as concern, loving and active citizens that the subliminal messages of anything goes must be challenged both politically and legally. If not “We The People” will continue to be subjugated to no legal responsibility to those who are most injury behind television that is not censor for tabloid reporting like the debacle of the Rev. Wright’s protected constitutional right to execise the freedom of speech in sermons given in our places of worshipping while if not thiis type of sermon assassination move dangerously into the halls of tyranny. Why? Because the United States Supreme Court support this contention. Rev. Wright’s sermon may have demonstrated some horrendous syntax but this is where it stop and in fact there is not one trace of evidence suggesting clear and present danger to our national security. In Schenck v. United States, 249 U. S. 47 the Court’s rationale was that the conduct must be censor only if it can be legally defined as harmful where there is some inference to clear and present danger. Even considering the sermon may composite some un-American overtone yet it does not cross into the boundaries of illegality. Obviously, it serve only one purpose to dvide and conquer. Here is where it becomes apparently dangerous of abridging the ‘free exercise’. Specifically, the invasive matter in which the media dissimilated the consistent sound bites of Rev. Wright saying God-America.

Prior to the 2008 President Election we must be remained of the anchor of the law in which is the Estalishment Clause of the First Amendment which defines the safeguards of religious practices as “Congress shall make no law disrespecting the establishment of religion” and this is intertwined with the Free Exercise Clause prohibiting the free exercise thereof. With this in mind “We The People” must demand parental control to be implemented as a model for both the Republican and Democratic platforms to censor the media on how tabloid information is transmitted into our homes. in fact, a great deal can be achieve if this model is manifestated as a blue-print as to how to initiate the strategies on limiting tabloid media reporting in today’s society. Why? America! After observing hundreds of hours of media obfuscating us into their liking it is dishearten to contemplate how far to the right the elites in the tabloid media has ossified us as a whole in the opposite direction of democracy.

In suport of the media’s interjections into the relaionship between Senator Barack Obam and Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright has unlimited polemics. For the media is it their hidden public policies that no one in America should contemplate in the 20th and 21st centuries self-determination? is thie lifting oneself up by one’s own bootstraps contrary to the popular philosophy of conservative values of the Republican platform? Even though it appears to be some polarization on the mission statement of Trinity it is within the free exercise clause of the First Amendment. In one of the most essential masterpiece to understand power relationships a book written by Mr. Louis L. Knowles and Kenneth Prewitt entitled “Institutional Racism in America” proclaims the followng “the ghetto communities are becoming increasinly organized to demand changes in inner-city conditions and to take control of programs that directly affect their lives”. In sum, over forty years of ‘War on Poverty’ we are in a process of trying to obtain self-determination and neither Re. Wright giving sermons nor on this notion should Senator Obama be puished for worshipoin under his constitutional protected rights. Think for instance, how far will we allow our constitutional protections to be dismantled.