Medical Insurance

Your world would be in chaos, and never be the same, if you got very ill, or injured, without medical insurance! While some people prefer to gamble when they don’t have insurance for a few months, one would wonder how they could put their head down on their pillow and night and rest easy!

There are circumstances in life, when the odds of needing insurance are next to none, but it is still a gamble, a risk. Many college students find themselves in limbo, when they graduate and were counting on getting insured by their new employer. Not finding a job, and perhaps, not being able to be put on their parents’ insurance creates added stress to the job-hunter. If they still qualify under their parents’ plan, as many do, then short-term medical insurance is right for them, under that plan. When they do find employment, they will realize just how much medical benefits are truly worth. In a way, they could add that to their salary; saving about $10,000, by not having to pay it outright on their own, increases what they will make in a year. In the meantime, while they are waiting for the “benefit” of having “benefits”, short-term insurance is the answer.

Some people can get Cobra after they lose their job with many people not even needing it for three months. You see, some places of employment, allow a grace period, while the person is seeking work. If one can find a new job within that period, without their insurance lapsing, then Cobra is not needed. That alone would save between abaout $400 a month; however, if their is no choice, then in this county we are lucky to be able to fall under Cobra, then to have no coverage at all. Think of this short-term medical coverage as an investment. No, you don’t make money with it, but you save money, should you ever need medical care and coverage during this “inbetween” period! Thousands of dollars will be saved if insurace were to be needed. If you are not making money, how could you lay it out? Paying for a short-term plan is still so much wiser than not having any type of benefit at all, in the long run.

Having insurance is a “reassurance” that individuals are protected and at peace with themselves, with it being their responsibility! Flip-flopping between insurances, depending on circumstances is wiser than not having it. Here is a scenario: suppose a college student graduates and gets a full-time job immediately. That person would switch from his or her long-term insurance from a parent and switch to the employer’s plan after three months. That son or daughter may decide after a year to go back to school for two years, and in reality, then a short-term plan would be needed. Much to the public’s surprise, the term “short-term” does not have to relate to a few months period. It is a temporary period. Once the student goes back into the work force, he or she will take the new company’s medical insurance, and all their other benefits, and switch again, hopefully, permanently. During the interim, however, a short-term plan is really not a choice, in this economy, it is a necessity, and an obligation, not only to themselves, but to all that pay into medical plans.

Think hard and be diligent in setting priorities when a short-term medical insurance benefit is of the utmost importance. It could make a difference between between starting one’s new career with a fresh start, or gliding into retirement without worries. Be cautious of scams and shop around, investigating all the popular and reputible plans. If Cobra does not suit your needs, perhaps you will find something that gives you peace of mind, and keep those dollars in your pocket! Be smart, be saavy, and do what a responsible adult would do, for heaven’s sake! Get short-term medical insurance, rather than merely hope and pray and worry!

It is, if you think about it, the “grown-up” thing to do! Let’s not “play the slots” with what could be the inevitable!