There are so many cases concerning methamphetamines that our police society can’t keep up with it. The drug stores have taken precautions by having you to present your driver’s license and having to sign for simple drugs such as Sudafed. In this day in time I believe Sudafed should be a precription to keep the meth heads from purchasing the drug. 

There are many drugs that have to be signed for because they can be used to manufacture meth. We are losing the war on this epidemic of meth marketing in all ethnic societies. Meth is not raciist, it can put a hold of addiction on anyone. 

There are many street names for meth but who needs nicknames, the bottom line is it is extremely addictive and dangerous. There should be stricter laws on criminals with a history of fabricating this deadly drug. 

The drug has no age limits either so the sooner we can put a better handle on the purchases of the ingredients to make the meth, the numbers of death will definitely increase. There should be jail time and rehabilitation required for all offenders. Addiction is strong and ban be overcomed with the right tools.

The government should definitely get more involved and pass new laws to observe the people puchasing the dangerous ingredients to the production of meth. Young kids, teenagers and full fledged adults are addicted to the drug.  If rehabilitaiton doesn’t work, the only options for the users will definitely end in death. 

Jail, institutions, and death are the options that these drug users have to look forward to. There are some success cases but the unsucessful are fatal in, many ways. The body cannot digest the “junk” that goes into making meth and it is poison. Why intentionaly put poison into your body? 

It destroys your mind and body in various ways.  Loss of weight, misguided ideas, crime, memory loss and brain damage. Ummm, it you have a choice to poison yourself it is compelety your choice but you will be paying a high price.

The war on methamphetamines is losing it’s battle. More restrictions should be introduced by the government dealing with drug stores to keep these producers from killing our children and adults. Remember, meth has many choices, it can strike anyone with any background.