Mexico just Legalized Small Amounts of Marijuana

Weed should be legalized everywhere, but I’m an American, therefore I can only speak about America. If the government would use a little more common sense with our laws instead of prudish, Puritan, politically correct behavior we wouldn’t be in as many messes a we are. Reasons for legalizing are as simple as comparing weed to alcohol or tobacco (tobacco is not regulated by the FDA); if people want to consume these substances for aesthetic reasons then they should be able to. Another is alcohol and tobacco kill more people each year than herb ever has. We all know this and should quit turning a blind eye. Another is alcohol and tobacco are more of gateway drugs than herb, but then again, if a person tries a hard drug for whatever reason, they more than likely would eventually have done it no matter what. Studies supposedly show that people who habitually smoke marijuana will do poorer in school, sports, social activities, etc. I cannot deny this because I have seen it; however, this is only true in an INDIVIDUAL sense. What I mean is if you take a “pothead” and he/she meets the previously stated criteria, then he/she would be the same way even if they didn’t consume marijuana. This brings me to my next point. The mass public shouldn’t be punished for a few knucklehead’s mistakes. Just because John Doe can’t smoke and maintain, doesn’t mean I can’t; damn it, let me smoke, and in peace! If marijuana were legalized, it would ruin the “drug” trade for this substance, allowing the government to tax and regulate it for “safety reasons.” Illegally, marijuana brings in about 35.8 billion dollars annually, surpassing corn and wheat combined, our country’s two biggest legal crops.
Imagine what it could be if it were legal! I’m not going to bother naming all the medical reasons weed should be legal, we all know they exist. In the end, there is no reason that truly can identify why marijuana should remain illegal, and if I have done no good to shed some light on the subject, then have a dance with Maryjane
and take her advice.