Mind your own Business when it comes to Pot – Yes

Why shouldn’t marijuana legalization be a good thing? Most everything can be a “good thing” if you give it the chance. When’s the last time you heard of druggies robbing a bank to get money for marijuana? Or committing a home invasion to get a pot fix. Probably never I would expect your answer to be. If you’ve ever actually smoked marijuana (which I’m not advising you to because it’s still illegal) then you would know that unless it was mixed with something it makes you the opposite of violent, it makes you peaceful and want to love everyone. The world would be a much more peaceful place if everyone smoked a joint every once in a while. National polls here in the United States say that the majority want marijuana to be legalized, so why isn’t it?

Why? Because the government wants to control everything you do, not just the government but everyone wants to control what everyone else does. That’s the problem with our society today everyone wants everyone else to be like them because apparently it’s your business what someone else does in their free time. Unless it directly involves you though (i.e. your get burgled by pot heads wanting a fix) then just stay away from it. Ignore it if you don’t like it, but don’t try to stop it because it’s none of your business. Look at all the things that are issues today because we can’t mind our own business; marriage, marijuana, war. Yes even war, if we just let other countries to their thing and we do our thing the world would be more peaceful than ever before. But we can’t. because no one can just mind their own damn business. Try going a week or two without butting your head in on what other people do, and if other people try to butt their heads in on you just say. “I’m doing an experiment and it’s none of your business” and see how much easier your life would be, everyone’s life would be! Give it a try for the future of our World, because if we continue down the path we’re on, no one will ever be happy. And then what’s the point of it all?

Let’s get a head start on becoming more respectful people and let things like smoking pot go, because even though you may not like it, it’s probably not going to affect you that much and it’s going to bring billions of dollars in tax revenue to the country.