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When searching for mobile home insurance, the two most important considerations are cost and coverage. With so many companies and products available, making the choice could be challenging.

You can focus your search in three areas. First, use a search engine on the web to get some price comparisons. Many companies will allow you to get a quote online. Using the web also allows you to peruse some of the products available.

Next, find out what some of the larger “direct writing” insurance companies can quote. These companies do not use independent or outside agents, but write directly. Many of these will provide quotes right over the phone. An advantage to using one of these larger companies is that they can often be very competitve from a pricing standpoint. Disadvantages with larger companies include issues like customer service and claims services.

Some larger companies are widely known for homeowners insurance or car insurance. Do not ignore these companies as they may have good products for your mobile home. It never hurts to ask if they provide coverage for mobile homes.

Finally, look locally at independent agents in your hometown. They may be able to connect you with smaller, lesser-known companies that specialize in mobile homes. The advantages with going this route is that you can deal with a person in your town that you may already know. This may give you an advantage in terms of customer service, because of the close proximity and local connection. A disadvantage is that you may find that the products available are limited as compared to some of the larger companies. This is not always the case however so it pays to do your homework.

When speaking with companies about your quote, make sure that you determine exactly what is covered, and what is not. You will want to make sure the following items have coverage:

1. The mobile home itself
2. Any detached buildings that may share the property
3. Your personal property (like your furniture, clothing etc..)
4. Your personal liability (coverage in case you injure someone or damage someone else’s property by accident)

Be sure to also determine the limits for these coverages to ensure thier adequacy. You will also want to verify the amount of any deductibles that apply.
Whenever you shop for insurance, it is always a good idea to ask for discounts if you have more than one type of insurance. Allowing a company to write your auto insurance and your homeowners insurance may save you money.