It’s your money, so you can do what you want with it after you earn it. You know that there are many ways to spend that money, and there are also many ways to save and/or invest that money.

However, you have those expenses each month that keep you healthy and alive that must be paid. You have expenses for food, shelter, insurances and taxes, and for things that make you happy. What makes you happy?

Only you can answer that question because you are somehow different from every other person who is alive on Earth. Saving as much money as possible after your monthly expenses are paid might be your greatest joy. Then again, being a responsible adult you know that it is important to have a life plan because sooner or later you will retire from the workforce or you might not be able to work.

Bad things happen to everyone so someday bad things will happen to you. As a matter of fact, your life journey contains many bad events or will contain many bad events. For example, people do not live forever and as the years pass so too do friends, loved ones and relatives. Some of those people might live forever within your mind and heart.

People who get older usually gain wisdom and experience. The world changes constantly, and you change too even if you do not realize that you are somehow different today than you were yesterday. You do have goals that you want to achieve or your life will be very difficult within the future.

Therefore, your number one goal should be to earn as much money as possible. To achieve that goal you need a good education so that you can learn a high paying skill. Believe it or not, money can buy a great deal of happiness besides all of those other things that most people dream about. What do you dream about?

Dreams do come true for the lucky few, but are you one of those lucky people or do you make your own luck? Yes, your life is filled with many choices, and you will make mistakes and you will do the right things in order to realize some or all of your dreams.

You soon discover that living is the achievement of several goals because in order to achieve your primary goal you have to achieve several other goals, each of which allow you to achieve another goal. You might never achieve all of your goals, but for as long as you are alive you can still try.