In spite of your best efforts you discover that you did not earn enough money to pay for all of your current expenses. It is quite easy to spend a whole lot of money when you do not have a financial budget in place or for some reason, which is beyond your control; you incur an expense that you did not expect to incur.

Such is the case when you are injured and require medical care or if you become sick and cannot work for a period of days. The same is true if a loved one or a family member should have a similar problem. Since each of us is alive we all require a place in which to live and healthy food to eat so that we may continue to be healthy and alive.

However, during times of great financial difficulty for tens of millions of people who are now living during the worst economic depression, which our elected politicians within the United States of America choose to call “The Recession of 2008,” since “The Great Depression of 1929,” life cannot get any worse for those tens of millions of people unless they simply drop dead.

As a matter of fact, the huge price increases for those goods and services that keep all of us healthy and alive are now higher than a kite in a hurricane and those prices continue to rise, due to the fact that the price of crude oil continues to increase without Government regulation of the oil industry. Apparently, the greed of the few outweighs the needs of the many.

The “many” are “We People of the United States of America” and We People truly have had enough of such legalized extortion and now demand action to put an end to such greed or those who are truly greedy will soon become the targets of opportunity for every hit man on Earth or any other person who seeks revenge for becoming jobless, homeless and completely without hope to return to a normal way of life.

We People truly need a new batch of elected politicians who truly obey their sworn oath to “Obey, Protect and Defend the Constitution of The United States of America” and the majority of those within said Country. With such a high rate of inflation it is nearly impossible to avoid going into debt to those who are the most, greedy, heartless, selfish and self-serving people on Earth.