Money Cash Rich Powerful Rich Money is Power Money can Grow

Money is power. A lot of money is a lot of power.

A company that is cash rich and asset rich, especially in the current recession, is powerful. It is able to continue its operations and continue to pay salary. It is not afraid of the bank seizing its property. It is not afraid of falling sales.

Its employees come to work feeling secure. They are not afraid of retrenchment. They are able to enjoy a fruitful day at workplace and go home with a clean conscience. They are able to sleep peacefully at night.

A cash rich company is able to make use of opportunities presented by recession to expand. It is able to buy land at a deep discount. It is able to buy competitors who are facing cash flow problem.

Money is power. A company that is cash rich is powerful.

Individuals who are rich are powerful, especially in the current recession. They are able to buy all the distressed assets at fire-sale price. They are not afraid of foreclosure. They are able to live in comfort and enjoy all kind of luxuries that money can buy.

They are not afraid of neighbors witnessing the confiscation of their house, yacht and car. They are not afraid of hunger and cold. They are able to send their children to the best schools and receive the best education that money can buy.

Money is power. A holder of money can feel the power that money alone can give.

When you, the holder of money, go to the supermarket to buy groceries, you are secure in the money that you have. You know that the money is able to buy all kinds of good food to feed you and your families.

You know that you are important to the owner of the supermarket. You know that the employees of the supermarket will treat you with respect, even if they do not know you. They will respect that you are the holder of money.

Money is power. People who do not know you personally will respect you based on the money you have. The more money you have, the more respect you gain.

Money is not a static power. It can increase and decrease. How well it increases will depend on how well you manage the money. The money that you place in the bank will grow based on the interest rate that the bank offers.

The money that you place in preferred share will yield the dividends. The money that you place in the stock market will increase or decrease based on the current market situation.

When money grows, the power of money grows. More money to you means more respect from the world at large.

This is the world that respects people who can grow their money year after year.

May you, the holder of money, use your power wisely.