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If you are a US citizen then you live in a society where you can have tons of “stuff”. Most things that you have to have to consistently pay for is just that. This article is not suggesting that you can’t have these things, but if push comes to shove with what you have to cut out of your budget then here are some things you can physically survive without:

1. Print magazine and newspaper subscriptions: Most newspapers and magazines you can read online for free, some you can even read through your cell phone or IPad if you have one. Unless you cut coupons (and even some of that you can do online) everything you can do through the print subscription you can do online in most instances. But of course there are exceptions to every rule and some newspapers are making content harder to get online without a subscription in the name of profitably. But for now, one can live without the subscription.

3. Internet service: This one t can actually go either way. If you work from home and you need the Internet to do your job then obviously you make money on the Internet. But if you just use it for casual use for things like checking your e-mail and Facebook you can probably get away with getting a smart phone and do the same thing for a much lower cost.

4. Gym memberships: There are plenty of good ways to get fit on your own. Doing simple yard work such as mowing the lawn or trimming lots of bushes can still give you a good workout. Even if you are into weight lifting you can probably still get a weight bench or something similar to it for a more than reasonable price at a place such as a yard sale or Amazon or E-Bay. 

5. Junk food: With junk food you are putting unhealthy things in your body. In excess, junk food can be as deadly as taking drugs or drinking alcohol. You are making yourself fat, spiking your cholesterol and blood sugar levels and also ruining your heart. There are plenty of ways to eat healthy. Choose a way and then stick to it.

If you remove all of the clutter in your life then chances are you will live a much happier one. Just figure out what you need before what you want, prioritize and figure out what is in your budget. After that, you should be all set.