Money Saving Ideas that don’t Hurt

Many times people are afraid to start saving money because they know they will have to cut back and change their lifestyle.  This is true in many cases, especially for people who do not have much income to start with.  However there are some ways to save money without feeling the pinch.

One of the easiest ways to start saving money is to get a piggy bank or a large glass jar, and start saving your change.  If you do not feel that you can save your quarters, then just save pennies, nickels and dimes.  Before you go to bed each night, put all of your change into the jar.  When it is full, wrap the coins and put them into a special savings account.

Each month a lot of money is spent on food. You can save money by not buying prepackaged food or frozen dinners. Plan to start drinking water instead of soda with your meals. Start cooking more from scratch. It will be much healthier for you, and it will save you money.

Grow your own food at home as much as possible.  Learn how to have an indoor herb garden.  You can use the herbs fresh and dry your own, too.  Consider the vegetables that you use the most, and plant them in your back yard.  Freeze the ones you cannot use so you will have them during the winter.  Stagger the time that you plant a vegetable so you will have fresh ones all summer long. 

Plan weekly menus.  Write down everything you will need for your menus, and go to the store with your list.  Do not purchase anything that is not on your list.  Purchase cheaper cuts of meat, and start using simpler, casserole style meals.

Pay all of your bills on time.  Every time a bill is not paid before it is due, you will be charged a late fee, and in some cases, they will charge you interest, too.  Avoid these extra expenses.  Imagine how much you could save if you just set aside the late fee in a savings account each month.

Keep your checking account balanced at all times.  Be responsible and be aware of how much money you have in your account.  Do everything possible not to overdraw it.  Some banks really take advantage of an overdrawn account, and they will charge you the $35 fee two or three times a day.  Then if you let it go over a week, they will charge you an additional $25.

There are many ways that you can save money without feeling the pinch. The most important thing you can do is just be responsible.  Take care of your finances, and start putting these ideas to work.