Money Saving Tips for Students

Student life can be immense fun, and is a significant part of growing and learning in preparation for the future. However, it can be financially difficult being a student, as funds are often low. Making ends meet each week can be a challenge, and finding new ways of surviving is essential to help manage and get by. Learning how to be frugal and careful with money is crucial to be able to live well and enjoy student life. Saving money and reducing expenses is the key to surviving and avoiding getting into debt.

Here are some tips for students to save money:


Be wise and set a budget for outgoings. Create a plan and work out how much money is incoming each week, and compile a list of outgoing expenses for the week. Ensure to list all of the important expenses that cannot be avoided. A clear idea of how much is incoming and outgoing allows better money management. Any surplus money can be divided for socializing and saving. Budgeting is essential to avoid getting into debt, and to be able to afford to live.


The best way to save money is to walk. Always opt to walk where possible, as this saves money, and is a good form of exercise that is beneficial for health. However, if walking isn’t always an option, consider what the best form of transportation is to save money. A car may not be essential, and the extra for the upkeep of the car bumps up the expenditure. Using public transport when absolutely necessary and looking into travel cards could be the best way to get about. Alternatively, a bicycle offers a good way to get about, and is a great way to keep in shape while saving money.

Stay healthy

Maintaining good health is actually a good way to save money. Being in good health avoids coming down with illnesses that often require medication and other items that provide relief and comfort. It is easier to stay in good health and benefit from feeling good. Ensuring to get enough sleep, even though late nights and partying may be on the agenda, sleeping can be caught up in between. Eating good wholesome foods can also help to maintain health. Along with exercise, as this is essential to staying healthy and alert.

Eat healthy

Aim to eat healthy by enjoying a balanced diet. Everything in moderation is good, and eating healthy doesn’t need to be boring or difficult. The Internet is a great resource for finding simple recipes to be able to enjoy good food on a budget. Eating healthy nutritious meals is also cost effective, as they are more filling, so less snacking is required. To ensure that the budget is met, create a menu planner for the week, and aim to buy ingredients that can be used to produce several dishes. Cooking from scratch can be therapeutic, and is far more cost effective than buying take out or ready-made foods.

Save energy

Try to keep bills low by saving energy where possible. Always unplug unused electrical equipment, as power is still consumed just from being plugged in. Turn down the thermostat on the boiler by a couple of degrees, as this is a good way to save money without having to compromise on hot water. The thermostat can be turned down to 45 degrees, and still provide water hot enough for all needs. Limit the amount of lights that are turned on by using one area during dark hours. During cold weather wear outerwear indoors to stay warm to reduce the amount of heating that needs to be used.

Buy second hand

Good items can be found in second hand stores at a fraction of their retail price. There are many treasures, and all manner of things can be found in second hand stores, from household goods to clothes. Buying second hand is a great way to save money, while preserving the environment. There are many second hand outlets to be explored with many great and even rare items that are waiting to be found. Many items can be found in great condition, and can have plenty of life left in them.


Student life is all about fun and partying. However, this doesn’t require cutting into the budget or going into debt. There are many ways to have fun without spending a fortune. Instead of going out every night, find other forms of entertainment. Enjoy movie nights, and instead of renting movies borrow from friends. Games night can be great fun, and costs nothing at all. Enjoy creating food with friends, instead of ordering take out. Pizza is easy to make, and tastes great. It is surprising how much fun can be had without spending a fortune.

Student life can be enjoyed on a tight budget, and money can still be saved. Learning how to cut back on expenses can make a huge difference. Learning how to be wise with money and living by a budget doesn’t have to be boring. It may take a little training to begin with, however, it will be worth it, and in time it will become second nature.