You are a teenager and you want to fit into the crowd, which might or might not be your friends at school. However, most of those people have things that you do not have because your parents do not have money to buy or will not buy those things that most of your friends have and use on a daily basis.

Your parents tell you that you have a home and food on the table to eat and that should be enough for any person who wants to remain healthy and alive. You get an allowance each week but that really is not enough to buy a bicycle or sports equipment or even a fancy computer so that you can serf the net in your spare time.

You need a job and/or you better start saving some of the money that you receive from your parents each week. Like it or not, you have to learn how to wisely spend the money you have and think of ways in which to earn some additional money.

In so doing you learn how to be a financially responsible adult. You wise up to the fact that you will soon have to make your own way in this very harsh World or you will end up on the street with nothing to eat.

On the other hand, your parents want you to go to college so you have to earn some really fine grades in high school. If you have that part time job you will have less time to study and that might cause you to earn less than excellent grades as a high school student.

Now you have some idea of what it takes to become a successful person within the society in which you live. As such, now is no better time to determine what you want to do with the rest of your life. Your goal is to become rich and/or famous, right?

There is a right way and there also is a wrong way to accomplish that goal, which is to achieve financial security. Most young people want to be honest and learn a skill and/or a profession that will provide enough money for the lifestyle that they want to live. What do you want to be after you grow up?

If you have parents that can help you to be a better person then you are a very lucky person to have parents that can afford to pay for your college education. Then again, every time that you ask them for money to buy those things that your friends have that is that much less you will have for your college education because your parents did not save that money, but gave it to you. Get the point?