Monthly Bills

Each month the bills come in just like clock work. Too often those papers get tossed into a corner or on a shelf where they are either lost or forgotten. As a result bills often end up late adding to the stress of having to pay them. Having a system to organize them as they come in is the only real way of ensuring the bills are paid on time. There are different ways to keep track.


Using a color coded clearly labeled set of folders will make keeping up with each months bills a matter of opening the right folder.


To use a three ring binder for bills you will need to also have a hole punch and tab dividers. Divide the folder into twelve sections meaning one for each month. Detach the section of the bill to send in and place it along with the envelope into the front pocket of the binder. When it is time to send in the payment just put the check in the correct envelope and add a stamp.

File Cabinet

Filing cabinets can be used with hanging folders to keep bills organized. While loose folders work well when organized by month, file cabinets are suitable to organize by bill.

Accordion Folders

Accordion folders are essentially portable filing cabinets. They have limited space but they are effective for people who do not have a lot of extra space for a home office.


There are many computer programs available to help organize bills.

Decide which method to use to store the paper bills when they come in. Choose the method that you will be most comfortable using. Using more than one or two methods for keeping track of them will be counterproductive. The entire reason for having a system to keep track of bills is to make sure you always know where they are and when they are due, not to make it more difficult. When storing the paper documents, it is important to keep some semblance of order. A few different ways to sort the bill include; by month, by company, and by due date.

When deciding how to organize the bills go with what you will be most comfortable with in the months to come. If the first method you try doesn’t work out rather than just giving up and letting the bills continue to accumulate in a drawer or on the kitchen table try another method. When you find the right method for you the bills will become much less stressful.

As soon as a bill comes in place the paper copy in the designated location, write the due date on the calendar, and if possible send in the payment. If that isn’t possible plan to send in the bill payment as soon as you can. The longer a bill sits waiting to be paid the more likely it is that it will go late.

Keeping track of monthly bills means that each month you put them in the same place, you pay them before they are due, and if it is going to be late let the company know to avoid shutoff notices.  It may take a few months to get the hang of it but after a few months using the same method it will become a habit that requires little thought.