Mortagage Meltdown

What about the little guys? You must mean the homeowners who have lost their homes due to the greedy lenders who got rich and skipped town. You must be talking about our Government bailing out the big corporations and forgetting about the little guys. “Hey!” Here we are right in front of your rich faces, the ones who are loosing their jobs because the jobs are going overseas. Yet, you are bailing out the ones who started this mess in the first place?

We are the little guys with no voice. Are we suppose to just shut up and work yourselves to death? We just lost our homes, and we constantly hear; “it was your fault.” We are the stupid ones who trusted the so call lenders who lied their way into our lives. We have cried for months and complained and our voices still have not been heard.The little guys are living pay check to pay check because food, gas, and health care are depleting their savings. Our Government is to busy to notice because they are saving the greedy from bankruptcy.

You must be talking about the little guys who work seven days a week for minimum wage and only dream about owning a home, their dream is on “Wall Street” sinking fast all behind the greedy taking everything they can and not caring about who gets hurt. Not to worry, our Government will come to save the day!

“Federal Reserve?” What Federal Reserve, with the United States in more then a trillion dollars in debt, I would like to know where this money is coming from to bail out these companies? What about the little guys? You know, the ones that keep America going even when they are loosing everything that they worked for. The ones who made America what it is today. Our Government has turned a blind eye on them. I forgot, “we are doing fine?” We weather sell the pieces of the United States to overseas, just for that “almighty dollar.”

What is it going to take for the little guys to stand up and say; “here we are, stop ignoring us.” Yet, our Government wants the little guys to pay more taxes. Stop blaming the homeowners for what happened with the mortgage meltdown, we trusted our own Government and look what happened? The little guys are standing now in the streets with nothing. What about the children who don’t have a place to stay now? I would like to know if the Government even cares about the children?

We the little guys are a corporation in our own right, without us America would stand still. Think about it. The federal Reserve needs to wake up and smell the roses, before they die. Without the little guy, our Government would not be able to survive.