Most Dangerous Place to Swipe your Debitcredit Card

When dealing with debit and credit cards, you have to be very careful. The information on the card is very valuable. If into the wrong hands, your money or credit will be ruined. All someone needs is the ATM/credit card number on the front of the card, the expiration date, and the CVC number on the back. In some cases they don’t even need your name.

All the information a thief needs is on the card. Scary right? That’s why it’s very important to guard your information with your life. Nowadays criminals use various ways to steal your information and also different ways of using it. With your credit card information a criminal can make a duplicate card. That’s right, you will have your own card and the criminal will have a copy of that same card. So while your spending money from your account, the criminal is also spending money.

Now, the most dangerous place to swipe your credit card is…everywhere, if you want to get technical. The reason being your information is being passed on. The very most dangerous place is an individual’s smartphone. Iphone and android phones have a device where you attach it to the top of your phone and you can swipe your card through. The person can have a card reader attach to that device and copy the card. The card reader copies all the information on the card.

The second most dangerous place to swipe your card is at a restaurant. Because you have to give your card to the waiter or waitress. And that gives them enough time to write down all the information on the card without you knowing. With your information written down, they can order stuff online. They can also sell your information to other criminals and order additional credit cards in your name. The possibilities are endless with your information.

Another dangerous place to swipe your credit card is online. You have to be careful when you buy online because you don’t know who can view the information. Some people are hackers online and could set bugs on your computer that can see everything you type. It’s a little far fetched, but it can happen.

The best thing to do to guard your information is to constantly check your account for suspicious activity, and also monitor your spending.