Most Dangerous Places to Swipe your Debitcredit Card

Everyone knows about credit card fraud and the dangers of somebody emptying our bank accounts without your knowledge. There’s no need to be alarmed if you take simple precautions. If you were to become a victim, the good news is the banks are duty bound to refund your losses providing you are not at fault.

Below is a list of the most dangerous places to swipe your credit or debit card:

The most dangerous place of all to use your debit card is probably a crowded location. A common scam is for a person standing directly behind you to note your pin number. Once he has this, he will drop something and ask if it is yours. While you’re bending down to examine it, the perpetrator will steal your credit card and disappear.

Criminals often plant a card reader on outdoor ATM (Automatic Telling Machine) machines. This fits over the slot you push your credit card into. The card reader is often ingeniously designed to blend in with the machine and very probably you won’t notice it. At the end of the day the criminal returns and removes the reader which will contain your bank, account information, and pin number. All the criminal has to do is make a new card with your details.

The next worst place to visit with your credit card is the petrol (gas) station. Unscrupulous people will use a card reader to steal your account information and a well positioned CCTV to steal your pin number. Petrol stations are susceptible to this kind of fraud because they often have low paid staff and are busy places.

The Internet is also a dangerous place for your credit card. Trojans and other malware can steal all your card details in a flash. Your account could be completely emptied before you even know something is wrong. There is a lot of software on the market to combat these fraudsters which you can download onto your computer. Banks and businesses also use their own software to ensure you can purchase safely online.

Always be careful at restaurants and never ever let your debit or credit card leave your sight. Make sure the waiter comes to you with the payment machine and discreetly stands aside whilst you enter your pin number. If the card has to be taken to a desk for payment, take it there yourself. Never entrust a waiter with your card unless you can see him the entire time.