Most Expensive Cities Car Insurance

Detroit, Michigan, known as the car capital of the world, has the distinction of being the most expensive city for car insurance. Following is a list of the top five cities where car insurance is tremendously high. The figures can fluctuate for individual policies, however these cities are definitely the highest priced consistently. The average quotes do not reflect the cost of vehicle registration, state and/or local taxes. This is strictly insurance costs.

Detroit – $5,800

Philadelphia – $3,800

New Orleans – $3,800

Newark – $3,400

Los Angeles – $3,000

Where you live

Keep in mind, many things factor into car insurance rates.  High-density traffic locations are a huge factor. This is because insurers see the risk ofaccidents or thefts being higher. Generally speaking, the larger and more congested the city, the higher the premiums. To receive five free insurance quotes, check out Type in your zip code.

Point system

Every state can set their individual rates, however there are some factors which are not negotiable when shopping for a better rate. These are what is known as “points” which will affect your individual policy. Any moving traffic violations; excessive speed, running stop lights, DWI, or accident record will affect the outcome of the cost.

Does age matter?

Although age discrimination is not mentioned, teens and seniors over the age of 75 will pay the highest premiums of all. These two age groups (according to where the insurers base their stats) are considered high risk group. If you are over 25 years old, the price will get lower. Insurance carriers reason by this age, the person has had experience. Teenage boys are considered the highest risk group. However, some states lower the cost if the teen takes an accredited defensive driver course, in addition to driver’s ed.

Married couples

Insurance rates drop some for married people. If you have children the price drops off a bit more. Of course, both husband and wife’s driving record is taken into account. Also, how far you drive is factored in. Is the car used for work, or pleasure? Roughly, if less than 5,000 miles per year, the insurance will not be as high as if it is used for long commutes five days a week. 


If you have a bachelor’s degree, or greater, insurance companies see you as a lesser risk. Teenagers in high school who maintain a 3.0 average or better, can sometimes get a student discount.

Credit scores

Seemingly, credit scores have nothing to do with car insurance. However, insurance companies will check your credit rating. If it is high, you get a small discount. If not, you will pay more. Purchasing car insurance is a complicated issue, due to the fact so many factors affect your policy and premiums. The best way to get the best quotes is to shop around. More importantly, make sure you understand what you are covered for and what you are not. Read the fine print carefully.