Myths about Money

Myths about Money
There is No Myth.

How Do I Ever Desire Too Desire Enough Money? Money is the root to many problems in the realm of the spectrum that you and I currently stand in. The reasons people find themselves lost and broken, tired and worn are mostly because of the constant struggles to maintain life, and livelihood.

It is this very distraction, that effectually affects, our possibilities to a vicissitude, to change, ourselves into the very manifestations, – we have desired. – To become, everything for that, each individual, in they’re very existence has so desired.

Fatigue plagues us from over work, our schedules are jammed packed full of -mindlessness and fruitless struggles . Too many mindless detachments cause, – total detachments from the reality of realities.

That reality of which I speak of is, that Our Universe is, – US -. You are Your Universe! I Am My Universe! Your Speak – Your – Hearing – Your – Sight. Everything You do Say – Every item you choose to schedule a time slot into your agenda IS, – your universe, in your creation. All of this is within your hands.

Are you drawing towards you, a manifestation of your hearts desires? Are your dreams showing up on your doorstep? Or is a Rocky Horror Picture Show looping within your realm complete with nasty habits, self-defeating rituals, shame and the belief in your own rhetoric?

Could existence, really be as simplistic, as remembering to be mindful, to not be, too mindless of your mindlessness? What if I said yes? Yes it is. Manifestation. What do you think you know? What do you know you have, or believe you can posses or achieve? It all lies in what you believe – therefor, You have. Desire folks. Never – ever become mindless enough to stop desiring. Because that is, how you run out of money . . . and love and luck and all of your hearts desires.

A little mindlessness every now and again is okay. Everyone deserves a break. But, don’t stay away too long. That’s how, one becomes lost, over in the mindless reality world. Pseudo reality. It is way too easy. Trust me. I’ve gotten lost over yonder myself. And it’s taken me about 28 years to find my way out.

Some days, I find that I’ve wandered back in, and I have to pause and quid pro quo myself, and get the heck out of there like a bat out of hell. At least I think I’m out, and back to this reality, if this reality is indeed the Real Deal. Well, it’s my Real Deal anyway. But that is another article altogether. One I’ll save for my next Reality Checker.

Till then readers, I’m desiring, all the Universal Energies directed right at cha! In a positive way of course, manifesting for all of your needs, wants and burning, yearning desires. Desire big people, the universe is, HUGE! They can afford it. Can you?