National Laws Dealing with Sex Offenders

The U.S. Congress has passed several laws that require states to implement sex offender and crimes against children registries: the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act, the Pam Lychner Sexual Offender Tracking and Identification Act, and Megan’s Law. On March 5, 2003, the United States Supreme Court ruled that information about potential predators may be publicly posted on the Internet.

Megan’s Law, the federal version, was enacted on May 17th, 1996. Megan’s Law mandates that every state develop a procedure for notifying residents of sex offenders residing there. Each state differs on how they report the information, but the National Alert Registry has combined all of the state’s information in to one easy-to-use database.

One of the important aspects of Megan’s Law, is the requirement of convicted sex offenders to notify authorities of their current address. Every time a convicted sex offender moves they are required to notify the local police of their new address. This allows the public to know where the sex offenders live at all times. However, this requirement is not always permanent and many convicted sex offenders are only required to report updates of their address for ten years.

The National Alert Registry Registered Sex Offenders Database is located at:

This site is wonderful it not only allows you to search for offenders in your neighborhood it also offers free publications on how to teach your children to stay safe.

Did You Know?

* Over 2,000 children are reported missing each day.
* Girls have a 1 in 3 chance of being molested by a sex offender.
* Boys have a 1 in 6 chance of being molested by a sex offender.

The Predator Report located at:

allows you to view thousands of database records on sexual offenders from a sexual offenders list. It allows you to perform searches in your neighborhood and community to find the number of sexual offenders in your area with extreme ease of use, making it an ideal choice for home users or professionals alike, all from the privacy of your own home.

Now National Alert Registry offers all of the sex offender records contained in the various state sex offender registries, providing a single database with nationwide coverage. Using state-of-the-art mapping, database, and e-mail notification technologies, National Alert Registry provides a simple yet extremely powerful suite of products to help you and your family be aware, be alert, and be safe!