Need for Renter Insurance

Need for Renter Insurance

Renters need insurance more than homeowners do. Renters sometimes are left out of the decisions that affect them, but pay for their share of the consequences of poor choices. In addition, they must live with the repair steps of the property owner that can keep them out of their home for a large amount of time.

Uncontrollable Risk

The neighbor that caused you concern on many occasions might do something that you do not even know about. Do you live in an apartment building with an individual that does not know that plastic melts? It is obvious that many apartment dwellers never accidently placed a piece of plastic wrap in their barbecues or they would know it is not a good idea to remove coals out of their barbecue and cool them off in a plastic bucket. The plastic bucket disappears and the coals burn the balcony floor. This melting and fire might occur after the building retires for the night and the fire beginning burning full force while you all sleep. The poor decision maker may or may not be the biggest loser in the situation, but you might also bore the same expense.

You may control the type of individuals who gain access to your property, but can not control who the property owners or other residents giving access to communal areas or the access to your own area from property owner. Your neighbor may not operate with the same level of caution or may have friends or relatives with questionable backgrounds. A homeowner who checks out licensing requirements of contractors might be surprised after hiring to learn that some working in their home have criminal backgrounds, but as a homeowner, you supervise the contractor. A property owner may grant access to your property with simply the 24-hour notice, but the supervision falls below a personally acceptable level. With renters, insurance renters receive protection from the failings of yourself and the others involved with your property.


A renter experiences a fire or plumbing problem and can not live in their home during the repair. Where do you go? Many must stay in a motel and eat foods cooked out of a microwave and kept in a small refrigerator. The renter might even lose the contents of their freezer. The contents of ones refrigerator and freeze are a major investment with the cost of food.

Will you have room to follow your hobbies? You may or may not and you might have lost your hobby tools anyway, but will the property owner place an emphasis on getting you back into your living quarter and to your hobbies as soon as possible. If you were the property owner, you might make the decision to remain out of the home longer in order to facilitate a lower cost, but as a renter, you simply remain in your alternate location and build up expense.

Insurance is for covering unexpected risk. As a renter, you live with the decisions made by others and renter’s insurance offers assistance for your mistakes and the mistakes or decisions out of your control.