Negatively of Todays Crises

How the recent financial crisis has affected you negatively and the steps you are taking to correct the situation

In the last six months has been really a struggle for my family to keep afloat. We are a family that has countless medical problems. Our medications cost us three hundred dollars a month. When a family lives on a very limited income, where the prices of gas, food, electric bills, and meds are steady on the rise leaves the average family struggling to pay the mortgage and keep a float.

Our family has had to learn to give up things that our family doesn’t have to have extras such as sweets after dinner or that rental extra movie on the weekend for pleasure. We are at this time beginning to wonder if we are going to have to give up extras such as cable TV or go to buying low-grade food to make the dollar stretch a little further.

At this very moment, our home that we have had for twenty years is in danger of being foreclosed on because the payments are too high for us to keep paying. It has added extra stress on us that causes augments that are usually don’t happen between my husband and myself. Other things that have had to put on back burners is the medical care for the children such as buying glasses for some of the children to see better or one other thing that has really affected my family buy the financial crunch is that my youngest son has rotten teeth in his mouth and there is no way that we could pay ten thousand to get his teeth in top shape. I often wonder how much pain he is in since he can’t tell us how much pain he is in or if he is pain.

Meals are starting to be with a light meal in the mornings which is usually oak- meal that has to hold us over until early evening when a bowl of soup and bread is a big meal at night. America should not have been in the shape it is in at this time. Economy that America has been in is known widely in third world nations but in America? This is not the norm in America.

Maybe we need to go back to the olden days and raise chickens or cows, pigs and trade a chicken for doctor visits or a cow for a car or the funny things that use to be that is in the “Best Little Whore House In Texas” trade a one night stand of pleasure for a chicken or two! My grandfather told me stories where the farmers used chickens, cows, or pigs on the hoof for doctor visits.

Did our forefathers develop the country quickly not thinking a head that the cars and trucks would later cause the oil and gas to run short? Maybe we should have stayed with the horse and buggy for a few more years. I have seen in the past our forefathers made do with much less then we have.