Net Worth Statement

There are many net worth statements available on the internet, however finding one that covers most or all of your needs is important. A net worth statement should include any assets that you own and any liabilities that you do owe. You can alter them and improve them according to your needs or you can use them as a template and as an idea on how to create your own net worth statement.

# Microsoft Office –

Microsoft offer an excellent template design which is simple and easy to use, they have a thumbnail which you can view to see if you want to download it. In addition, the table is connected to a pie chart which means that you can view the net worth statement graphically which is very useful.

In order to download it you will have to agree to their terms and conditions, so make sure that you read that first before downloading it.

# About Net Worth Worksheet –

About offer a ‘worksheet’ spreadsheet which you can copy and paste into a program of your choice, Excel will be the easiest to calculate your net worth. An excellent feature about the About net worth template is that it offers many different categories, this means that you will be likely to not forget about anything since a lot if not all is covered. The downside is it is not a fully functional Excel model which means that you will have to do the formulas in Microsoft Excel yourself.

# Uncommon way to wealth net worth statement –

Uncommon way to wealth offers a functional Excel model spreadsheet which will allow you to track your net worth monthly. It is an absolutely excellent tool for those who want to increase their net wealth as it will show you how your net wealth s fluctuations from month to month. The downside is that you have to list all your liabilities and assets yourself thus you may be likely to forget some assets or liabilities. Nevertheless is has some instructions which you can follow simply to use it.

# Think your money net worth spreadsheet –

Think your money offers a simple layout such as the About spreadsheet which you can easily fill in or look for advice. You can either download the spreadsheet or copy and paste it from the website directly which is useful if you do not like downloading files or if they take a long time. The downside is that you have to use your own sums however it is an excellent template. It also covers many categories of assets and liabilities.

The above net worth templates is an excellent way to start keeping track of your net worth in order to improve it or to keep track of what you owe and own. It is an excellent tool in the financial world.