New World Order the President and Congress are Figureheads Power in the us Era of Kings Slaves

It is a NEW WORLD ORDER: The Era of Kings and Slaves

History Runs Its 360 Degrees

The checks and balances no longer work in the best interests of the American people.  The 2-Party system has failed most American citizens.

Many look upon our U.S. Congress and wonder just how stupid it can get, but the powers behind Congress and the President know what they want. Who are the powers and what do they want? Good question. Here are the answers…

Our nation has lost its democracy and representational government of, by, and for the people. Too many of our rights and freedoms have already been taken from us. The government of our forefathers is long gone. The current U.S. government is a figurehead, masking the oligarchy rule of the supreme beings. They are the rulers of the present and the Kings of the future. They are the wealthy corporate conglomerates and elitist individuals who have already bought the legislators they need, who control the military and who continue to gain wealth and power beyond our wildest collective imaginations.

The omnipotent ones continue to gain strength via the very private Federal Reserve and other political, economic and social pathways around the world. They have infiltrated every facet of our government, industry and corporate regimes. During the past decade the American Middle Class has been decaying to a precious few, becoming an endangered species, while the gap between the astronomically wealthy and the destitute has significantly widened. That’s how THEY want it.

THEY want public education to falter and fail so that the poor will remain uneducated. THEY want to eliminate salaried jobs so that the unemployed will become enslaved and indebted to their masters. The banks and Wall Street have worked very hard to make that possible.

Soon, history will have completed its evolutionary revolution to where our nation and the World will have the era of the Kings and the Slaves and nothing in-between. The Kings direct and the poor obey. The poor live to serve the Kings, while the Kings live to become more wealthy and powerful. It is the way of The New World Order. It is the folly we permitted and the gift we hand-down to our grandchildren’s children.

Is it too late to return the checks and balances to the representative democracy we held so dear?  We are very close to the New World Order, The Era of Kings and Slaves.  There is a faint glimmer of hope, but the light has almost vanished.