No down Payment

Unless you have been living in a cave, you have seen some of those late night television shows that sell you books on how to buy real estate with no money down. I bought one those books some time ago and they do work. The ideas did work at that time but you really have to watch what ideas you use now because some of them could get you into real trouble. It can still be done with the same ideas but it is a lot harder.

Borrowing money to buy real estate is not a good plan most of the time. There is always someone wanting to sell a house that a mortgage company will not loan money on. These houses are not real hard to find, but you can not do it over night. Any time a owner of a house does not keep up the repairs on any house, they will not be able to borrow money on it from mortgage companies.

If you offer to repair their house for the down payment sometimes they will at least talk to you. Tell the owner you will fix the house so he can sell it to you and they must finance it. Those people are still around and it will be harder to find them. If you ask enough people that sell house repair materials someone will give you 30 to 90 days same as cash. You must only have a certain amount of time to finish the work in order to get your money back from rent.

Tell the owner you will be renting out the house so there will not be any trouble paying for the house. You must have a tenant for the house before you make this deal. Most of the time the seller will see their house being fixed free and they will be able to apply for good financing. If you do not make the payments you can really lose your investment because you will lose your down payment and your house. These deals are still around, it just takes time to find them. 

The first time you hear no about the financing without having a down payment will scare a lot of people away.  You will have to ask at least fifteen times before you get someone to take your deal.  If this was a get rich over night game everyone would be doing this.  If you are not willing to hear the word no a few times, this idea about home financing may not work for you.