North Carolina Auto Insurance

North Carolina was one of the first states to impose auto insurance mandatory to drivers. This new law occurred in 1957 as the unregistered vehicles in the state continued to rapidly increase. The law is still there today, just as it was in 1957, stating that anyone wishing to register a vehicle in the state present proof of auto insurance. State required amounts for North Carolina include 30/60/25 coverage. The insurance must remain in affect at all times to remain legal in the state, and there are serious repercussions for breaking the auto insurance laws in North Carolina!

30/60/25 coverage refers to dollar amounts the auto insurance company is willing to pay in the unfortunate event of an accident. $30,000 will be paid to one person involved in an accident, with a maximum amount of $60,000 paid out to all people involved in the accident. This amount covers bodily injuries. $25,000 covers property damages caused by an accident. These amounts are only the minimum amounts required, and higher amounts as well as additional insurance can be purchased to suit your needs.

Collision and comprehensive policies are not required by the state, however, both polocies are great to carry and will not increase the premium very much. Collision insurance will cover the costs of repairs to your personal vehicle caused by an accident, and comprehensive coverage covers the cost of repairs to the vehicle associated with fire, theft, vandalism, etc.

If you own or plan to purchase a new vehicle under a lease, prepare to carry full coverage auto insurance until the lease is over. Full coverage will cost more than standard service, however, fully protects your car from damages. Full coverage insurance includes bodily injury and property damage, uninsured motorists , renters insurance, third party billing, as well as other features. Even if you do not have a lease, carrying full coverage may be something you wish to consider for newer or luxury cars.

Auto insurance can be expensive, but comparing quotes can find the best deal for you in your city. If possible, compare at least 3 different companies and rates, and more if you can. This will assure you get the best company and best prices for your auto insurance needs. A site such as can offer several quotes from the top companies in your area, and it takes only a few short minutes!