North Carolina Joins 28 other States in Affirming Marriage as between Men and Women

North Carolina rocked the nation as it joined dozens of other states in shrugging off the possibility of extending marriage rights to homosexual couples. In one of several electoral recent setbacks for liberals in the United States, the North Carolina vote might suggest that American voters have had enough of political and social movements that contradict their core values.

A Constitutional Amendment

Proponents sought to amend the constitution as a way to insulate the measure from activist judges who seek to invalidate poll results. In the past, voters in states like California have rejected homosexual marriage proposals only to have their will overturned by agenda-driven liberal courts.

Pressure from the Top

Days after Vice President Biden spoke out definitively in support of gay marriage, a state that has long provided Democrats with political support rebuffed his attempt to influence its affairs. A landslide 61-39 vote signaled that the gay marriage issue continues to dominate the halls of academia and the minds of leftist politicians, but not the American public. At least 28 other states have already approved similar measures, suggesting that advocates for alternate lifestyles face a losing battle in their quest to redefine marriage.

Losing Support

MSNBC reports that support for changing the meaning of marriage has dwindled in recent years, since the passage of California’s Proposition 8. MSNBC also reports that Gallop, a well-regarded polling organization, has documented diminishing support among Americans for calling unions between two men or two women “marriages.”

Assigning Blame

Rather than accepting the vote as a conscious rejection of a radical leftist agenda, advocates for gay marriage condemned the constitutional amendment as bigoted. The voters are stupid, religious, misinformed and uneducated, some say. Resounding agreement transcending all socioeconomic, political, geographic, religious and racial categories seems to suggest that the electorate was both well-informed and willing to address the question set before it.

Out of the Closet

Obama orchestrated a rushed interview with ABC News in the aftermath of the North Carolina vote in an effort to shore up his base for the coming election. In the past, Obama’s view on homosexual marriage has shifted depending on his electoral circumstances. Aware of the nationwide opposition to the gay marriage issue, Obama has ranged from non committal to nebulous since arriving on the national stage. During the ABC interview, Obama tried to show that his position has again evolved, but Gawker pointed out that Obama has only expressed his personal opinion and suggested that states should decide what to do about the issue.