Obama Investing

At the pinnacle of our evolution, the human race is ready to embark on a new path in energy consumption. President elect Obama intends on wholeheartedly supporting a new “industrial revolution” through technological expansion. His fervor in funding the process of transitioning America’s energy industry, to one that is more sustainable and cost efficient, has skyrocketed public appeal of his presidential campaign.

Hopefully, Obama’s green friendly legislation will succeed in catalyzing the renewable energy industry, effectively increasing their gains in the marketplace. A number of thriving businesses in renewable energy resources, have already grown positively during recent times of fiscal recession. Specifically in the solar cell industry, a company by the name of First Solar Inc. is being traded at about $155 under the ticker FSLR. Although perhaps a bit pricey, it’s profit potential is promising considering the amount of support for solar power by Obama’s administration. He already promises to fund companies like First Solar, which makes them a hot stock right now.

Fitting perfectly into the Obama enery plan, First Solar specializes in the development of technologies that facilitate the cost effectiveness of all solar power production. They are at the forefront of the photovoltaic cell and “thin film semiconductor” industries, but are not alone in this “revolution”. Though the price is low at around $.25, another company involved in manufacturing top quality solar panels is known by the name, Solar Thin FIlms.

By far, they have the most potential to practically outperform competitors in emerging markets. The fact that the price is extremely low, should be a sign to buy with the intention for at least a six month hold. Their stock is traded under the ticker SLTN, and has been gaining a few cents here and there; but market momentum is on their side, because of a recent bottom hit in past months. At such low costs, holding a high volume of stock should be relatively cheap. Then, all you would need is a small $5, $10 or even $20 jump to increase your portfolio’s balance.

In regards to revolutionizing the industry, Solar Thin Films is first in line. Their specialty is providing the machining equipment necessary for production of thin film PV solar cells, and all contingent components. They also provide fully workable “turnkey” factories, ready to be fired up byambitious investors and developers. It makes for an exciting prospect, because their business model also falls in line with Obama’s energy policy; which includes the creation of new job-markets to reinforce social infrastructure. So we can see a new economic wave forming.

Depending on how big of a player you are, personal profits can be made with both short and long term strategies. There is another industry to consider though, which will explode because of new but rather controversial Obama legislation supporting stem cell research. The Biotechnology Industry has revolutionized this science, furthering R&D behind the scenes.

Already, several institutions have successfully been developing advanced medical methods using stem cell technology for treating such ailments such as Crohn’s Disease and even AIDS. For example: Osiris Therapeutics uses stem-cells from human bone marrow, which is a non controversial origin, to treat people suffering from Crohn’s Disease in phase III clinical trials. Currently, they are awaiting a large investment by the infamous JP Morgan financial institution, and when the new presidential administration comes into office, they should be approved for additional federal capital. The opportunity to buy related Bio Tech stocks is a hot ticket to seriously consider.

America’s industrial infrastructure is in need of this support. Our “socio-economic” structure is transforming from wasteful consumption of fossil fuels, to the sustainable production of “green” energy. This specific slice of our infrastructure is more important than all the rest, because it’s the life blood of our country; and will carry us as workers, investors and citizens into a new age of financial enlightenment.