Obama Related Investing

A change we can believe in. Most American manufacturers hope so. President-Elect Barak Obama is inheriting an economic situation that has not been this grave since the ages of the Great Depression. What companies could survive, let alone prosper in such desperate economic times? The energy efficient movement in our country will indeed benefit most natural gas companies. For example, Spectra Energy Corporation [(SE)] has the potential to thrive as their stock recently hit a 52 week low. As one of North America’s premier midstream natural gas companies, look for Spectra Energy to prosper as the emphasis on energy efficient solutions is increased. Their website, http://www.spectraenergy.com/ provides information on company initiatives and directives moving forward

Despite the economic recession; Video game sales have steadily increased. According to http://www.marketingfinanceobama.com/, the video game console base in homes has increased 100% from the previous year’s total. One of the most recognizable manufacturers of Video Games, Electronic Arts [(ERTS)] will remain solid as the popular Video Game series’ Madden Football, and NBA Live will continue to come off the shelves. Economic hardships have affected American households in many ways, but video games sales remain constant.

We’ve all heard about the temperate state of the automotive industry. The backbone of the American economy is experiencing one the least profitable stages in recent history. However, with the recent decision to “bail out” and provide the big three automotive manufacturers with government finance, expect the quality and affordability of American made vehicles to improve of the next few years. President-Elect Obama has made it clear the he recognizes the necessity of the American auto industry in regards to the American economy. Obama’s statements have suggested directives toward producing energy efficient vehicles that Americans can afford. The stimulus being provided to the auto makers will be used to retool factories with the idea of making the production of more fuel efficient, smaller vehicles a reality. Expect General Motors [(GM)], Ford Motors [(F)], and Chrysler [(DCX.BA)] to slowly improve over time as the American economy is dependent on their growth.

Expect to see resurgence in Technical Firms under the watch of President-Elect Obama. Obama’s emphasis on education has suggested the rewiring of classrooms and libraries to provide high speed internet access to as many students as possible. Large energy providers such as General Electric [(GE)] and EMCOR Group Inc. [(EME)] should see improvement with Obama pushing the edge on how technology is utilized.

There is no doubt that the American economy is in a fragile state. President-Elect Obama has quite a bit of work ahead of him in attempt to restore the once prosperous state of American finances. With emphasis on energy conservation, and education, hopefully Obama’s directives can help revitalize our nation’s prosperity. Despite the hardships currently facing American consumers, there are still companies worthy of investment. In due time, the depressed state of our nations economy should take a positive turn. The key to navigate through these difficult times is to carefully and selectively monitor how money is invested.