Obamacare Ruled Unconstitutional by Virginia Federal Judge

The Obama administration came up with a government healthcare plan that requires most citizens to maintain minimum health coverage as part of their healthcare overhaul. A federal judge in Virginia ruled that the plan was unconstitutional. Not only did the Obama administration come up with government healthcare, they decided that U.S. citizens could not read the bill until it was passed. In other words, they decided to shove government healthcare down our throats, whether we wanted it or not.

U.S. district judge Henry Hudson (who was appointed by President Bush in 2002) said the requirements in President Obama’s healthcare goes beyond the Congress power to regulate interstate commerce. In other words, government healthcare cannot be shoved down U.S. citizen’s throats. Congress cannot force you to use their government healthcare.

“At its core, this dispute is not simply about regulating the business of insurance – or crafting a scheme of universal health insurance coverage – it’s about an individual’s right to choose to participate,” (U.S. district Judge Henry Hudson from Richmond, Virginia)

This ruling is a major loss for Obama and the federal government. Virginia, Florida and a total of twenty states have filed lawsuits and joined together to have the statutes thrown out. The states do not want the government to take control of the states and tell the people what they can do considering their healthcare. Unless the federal government changes their healthcare law, this case will likely make it to the Supreme Court.

Most of the American people are against Obama’s government healthcare. Not only healthcare, but the American people are against the government controlling the people with laws that force people to do what the federal government tells them to do. This is a free country and most American’s want it to stay that way.

This is the first step/victory for those against government healthcare. The federal judge in Virginia ruling that government healthcare is unconstitutional moves our country one step back in the right direction and away from government control.

The governmental takeover of healthcare will not help the healthcare industry. Already, many companies are raising healthcare costs because of the rules and regulations in this new healthcare law. Government healthcare is not in affect yet and it is costing us more to go to the doctor and buy a prescription. Imagine what it will cost everybody when the government healthcare plan begins to go into effect in 2014.

The fight is not over when it comes to Obama’s government healthcare. Nineteen more states will have their voices heard in court saying nay to the government healthcare takeover. Look at the magnificent job the government has already done with Medicaid, public schools and government retirement. They have not succeeded in any government takeover except for our military. This Obama administration wants to weaken the military and it is the only thing the government has been successful at. I’m sorry, I was wrong; they are incredibly proficient at spending more money than we have.

Look for more news about Obama’s government healthcare in the coming weeks and months. The courts will continue to rule if forcing government healthcare on the American people is constitutional or unconstitutional. As for Virginia judge Henry Hudson, he has slammed down his gavel and called government healthcare unconstitutional. Good for this patriotic judge who made a stand for America.




Virginia Federal Judge Henry Hudson