Oil Based Economy

It turns out  that when President Barack Hussein Obama banned oil drilling, he made billionaire George Soros a lot of money.  George Soros is invested in a Brazilian oil company called Petrobas that will get money and now oil rigs from the United States to drill even deeper than we would. 

Every pocketbook issue affected by anything Obama does will make some inviduals somewhere very, very rich.  For instance, because of Al Gore’s investments in Carbon Trading companies, Cap and Trade while it will destroy domestic energy companies will make Al Gore  very, very rich.  This sort of behavior is often called “crony capitalism.”  The treasury is looted and the pockets of the American people are picked and a few individuals wind up very, very wealthy.

If you hate the US and you have oil, you are in luck. One of the biggest pushes by the left is to give away all our money to people and nations who did not earn it. So the Liberals who lead us now are inclined to buy more foreign oil. For some, this will seem to be a huge contradiction. Don’t the leftist really believe all that crap they are continuously spewing about  Climate Change? In a word, no. If they believed in what they were saying then the world’s biggest poster boy against Global Warming, Al Gore would have the smallest carbon foot print of all the millionaires in the world. He doesn’t. He’s not even trying. Furthermore, since most of the world’s pollution will be caused by China and India, the left, if they were serious, would shut the hell up about Western pollution and instead learn Mandarin and Hindi so the could talk to the people who are causing the problem.

The true agenda is wealth transfer. And oil is a really slick way to do it. What this means is that you can make oil money by investing in foreign oil companies and tankers that carry oil to the United States. In fact, since our dependence on foreign oil is almost certainly guaranteed to grow over the next few years, you could make a killing in foreign oil.

The automobile companies are going bankrupt and the heads of the big three are taking all the blame. Ask yourself, to save your job, your money and your self respect, if you were an executive of the big three and you had a car that would ran on spit and sunshine in a closet, wouldn’t you pull it out now, when it might actually save your behind? For some of us our neighbors are already trying the solar and windmill thing. It turns out that it’s things like cost, efficiency, and convenience that are slowing the efforts to make these technologies universal, not evil capitalists.

One of the things that the Liberals who are now running things will never tell you is that it will require energy to turn our entire infrastructure to a solar and wind driven model. The only energy that is available in large amounts to do the job is fossil fuel energy. In other words, even if we could run solely on solar and wind, we will first have to become much more dependent on foreign oil to do so. Even the materials and processes to make the solar cells and the wind mill blades will require coal and oil in very large amounts. Since the Liberals in charge will close down US fossil energy producers as much as they can over the next few years, we will become more dependent than ever on foreign sources.