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WARNING: This article contains extremely graphic content of a gory nature. Please do not read it if you are sensitive to or disturbed by such. Read this article and review any links included at your own risk. All links will be found at the end of the article.


The way that Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman were killed shows that O.J. Simpson could not have been the killer. The murders seem to have been committed by more than one person using more than one murder weapon. It is obvious that the murders were committed by a very experienced professional assassin with very precise knowledge of the human anatomy, exsanguination and the vascular system.

Nicole Brown’s neck was cut from ear-to-ear with her head almost severed from her body and she’d been stabbed numerous times in other areas.

Ronald Goldman was stabbed almost sixty times. Even the coroner describes many of the wounds as “taunting” wounds, indicating that he may have been strategically stabbed to torture him before he died.

The murderer knew exactly how to sever major arteries and how to damage the voice boxes of the victims, so that that they could not scream or speak.

The person who killed Nicole Brown knew enough to cut the carotid arteries, one on each side of her neck, then the jugular veins on either side of her neck, according to the autopsy report. An incision was also made to the cervical spine at C3. Whoever did this was well-versed in the most heinous type of torture and knew that damage to that part of the cervical spine (C1 to C7) would cause quadriplegia. The order in which the wounds were inflicted is not indicated, but it’s obvious that they were precisely done to maximize suffering before death (“taunting wounds”).

The carotid arteries supply the head and neck with oxygenated blood. A person could survive for a few minutes with one severed carotid artery. For example, Richard Zednik of the Florida Panthers Hockey Team, had his carotid artery on one side almost completely severed when a teammate’s skate accidentally hit him and cut his neck open. He lost a huge amount of blood, but walked off the ice and was okay. He still plays hockey.

As for the jugular veins, they bring deoxygenated blood from the head back to the heart.

Damage to the spinal cord at C1 to C7 could cause a person to be awake and lucid but paralyzed in all four limbs and the torso.

The point is that the person who committed these precise and grisly murders knew these things and also knew how to work quickly.

Just like any normal person, who is not in the medical field, it is not likely that O.J. Simpson could have known these things and certainly could not have known how to perform murders as precise and rapidly as a surgeon. Surely, he was not an expert on the vascular system, paralysis and exsanguination (massive blood loss).


It seems unlikely that one person could have attacked two young, healthy, capable people simultaneously without incurring some type of physical damage in a scuffle with the victims. It’s clear that both Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown may have attempted to thwart their attacker(s) and perhaps even to protect each other, but they were overcome quickly.

Ron Goldman was a 25-year-old, healthy, well-developed man at 171 pounds and a height of 5’9″. The only wound O.J. Simpson had was a tiny cut on one of his fingers.

There are several concepts on how the attacks and murders occurred.

One theory is that Ron Goldman was attacked first from behind and fell into Nicole Brown as he was handing her a pair of glasses, causing her to fall backward and strike her head on a concrete step. Obviously, she would have been disoriented and unable to defend herself at least temporarily. After stabbing Goldman, the killer then moved on to Nicole, who was already on the ground when attacked.

A witness claims to have heard two men arguing and one man (the younger one) saying, ‘Hey, hey, hey”. He could not hear clearly what the older man was saying. This same witness also claims that Brown’s Akita dog was barking hysterically. This witness could determine the ages of two voices over the din of a fairly large dog barking?

If Goldman was attacked first and from behind, he surely could not have been talking and definitely not for any length of time. Also, if Nicole saw Goldman being stabbed, why didn’t she scream or why didn’t she scream as she fell? Most people do, especially women. I’m sure that if Goldman saw Nicole being attacked with a knife, he would have yelled more than “Hey”.

There are many theories on what actually happened that night, but nobody really knows, therefore it’s all just speculation and guessing.

Kato Kaelin, a house guest at O.J. Simpson’s house, was a witness but he was a rambling idiot, who was inconsistent and made no sense.

If one person committed both murders, did the other person not fight back or try to help. How come nobody heard any screaming?


Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman did not seem to be the innocent victims that the media portrayed. They both seemed comfortable surrounded by and associating with mob-type people, yet no other possible suspects were considered in the murder.

Shortly after the double murder, several other people associated with Mezzaluna restaurant, where Ronald Goldman worked and Nicole Brown frequented, were murdered. Any connection? Coincidence?

According to reports, Ronald Goldman was stabbed almost sixty times. It appears that he was the killer’s main target. There was also very little of Nicole’s blood on Goldman’s body, which may mean that there may have been more than one killer and more than one murder weapon (no murder weapons were ever found). It may also mean that Goldman was killed first and did not move to help Nicole Brown or was unable to do so.

Although it’s been indicated that Brown, age 35, and Goldman, age 25, were just friends and not lovers, rumor has it that he did not own a vehicle but was often seen driving around in Brown’s sports car. Were they friends, lovers or partners in crime?

It’s rumored that, prior to the murders, much of the arguing between Nicole Brown and O.J. Simpson and his phone calls to her family members, namely Brown’s mother, were about his children. He supposedly believed that Nicole was involved with shady characters and that drugs were involved and he didn’t want this around the two children of the marriage, who were in Nicole’s custody. They were home sleeping on the night of the murder.

When O.J. Simpson and Brown met, she was a former high school homecoming queen that was working as a waitress at a club. She hooked up with O.J. Simpson, who was still married at the time, when she was just 18-years-old and he was 30-years-old. She married him when she was 25. Does that sound like an innocent young girl? It’s been reported that Nicole did not know who O.J. Simpson was when she first met him. I seriously doubt that. There are also rumors that Nicole Brown occasionally taunted O.J.’s former wife and mother of his other children. Marguarite.

At the time Ronald Goldman was killed, he was in dire straits financially supposedly and he had been refused any further help or handouts from his father. Rumor has it that not only did he often drive Brown’s car, but was often heard bragging about how beautiful she was. Some say that they were both involved in drug activity and were considering opening up a restaurant together using money Goldman could make from drug deals.

Perhaps Goldman was a golddigger or maybe he was a drug dealer? Why was that fact never considered by police?

Not long after the double murder, several other people involved with Mezzaluna were also murdered.

Casimir Sucharski, who was an acquaintance of O.J. Simpson was killed two weeks after Brown and Goldman.

A close friend of Ronald Goldman named Brett Cantor, 25, was killed in July of 1993. He was butchered with a knife in a similar manner to Brown and Goldman.

Another waiter from Mezzaluna named Michael Nigg was also killed. He was shot in the head.

Still another waiter from the restaurant was the victim of a car bomb attack, but survived. Again, I ask. Coincidence? Connection?

The listings for the deaths of Casimir Sucharski and Brett Cantor can be located on the Government’s Social Security Death Index. Sucharski was killed by a man named Pablo Ibar, who was caught, incarcerated and on death row. He killed Sucharski and two women by shooting them repeatedly in the head. Ibar claims he’s innocent and his wife says that at the time Sucharski and the two women were killed, Pablo Ibar was at home with her asleep. Ibar has a large internet fanbase proclaiming he was innocent.

Barry Hoestler, a private investigator, who was hired by O.J. Simpson Attorney Robert Shapiro to get evidence to help clear O.J. Simpson of the murders, reportedly discovered that Nicole Brown had been talking about going into a restaurant venture with Ronald Goldman and that they were planning to raise the investment by entering into a drug deal, possibly involving cocaine.

Coincidentally, Nicole Simpson’s best friend, Faye Resnick, who wrote a book about Brown, turned out to be a cocaine addict. She also posed nude in Playboy after the double murder and is now rumored to be an interior designer. If Nicole Brown was so innocent, why would she be best friends with a cocaine addict that would later exploit her death for money?

Nicole’s sister, Denise Brown, who is now an advocate for domestic violence, is rumored to have once dated a mobster named Anthony Fiato, who was also known as Anthony “The Animal” Fiato, Tony Fiato and Tony Rome. Fiato was associated with mobsters, Joey Ippolito, a drug smuggler, as well as a mob hitman named Frankie Viserto. Viserto was notorious for torturing and decapitating his victims. These men may have been affiliated with “The Purple Gang”.

Joey Ippolito jumped parole in Florida just three weeks before the murders of Brown and Goldman and it’s rumored that he made numerous phone calls to attempt to reach O.J. Simpson right before the double homicide. O.J. Simpson’s best friend and driver of the white getaway Bronco once worked for Ippolito as a bodyguard and chauffer. Coincidence? Connection? Blackmail? Extortion?

There is a letter being circulated online that was supposedly written by Nicole Brown to O.J. Simpson. If this letter is the real deal, she speaks of the pain that he caused her during the marriage, both mentally and physically and how he belittled her and made her feel ugly, especially while she was pregnant with their two children. She speaks of his infidelity and the pain it caused her when he cheated.

Unfortunately in life, we reap what we sow. Nicole Brown cheated with O.J. Simpson while he was married to his first wife. Did she think that she was so special that he would suddenly become the perfect and flawless man? He cheated on his first wife with her.

Ironically, O.J. Simpson stole his first wife, Marguarite, away from his best friend, A.C. Cowlings, who forgave him and was driving the white Bronco on the night after the murders when O.J. fled police.

What made Nicole Brown think the same thing could not happen to her? I am not saying this because I am unsympathetic to victims of domestic violence or minimizing the hurt and pain of being cheated on. I myself was in an abusive marriage and I understand, but I also understand how karma works (I am referring to infidelity here and not murder).

Why is it, based on the above, that no other suspects were considered in the murders of Brown and Goldman? Why only O.J. Simpson?


One of the most interesting aspects of the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial was the inept manner in which the evidence was handled, especially blood samples.

Supposedly, after the murders, investigators went so far as to check pipes and plumbing in O.J. Simpson’s home, where he supposedly went to take a shower after the murders. They found no signs of blood from either Brown nor Goldman in the plumbing.

Also, upon further investigation, at the scene of the crime at Nicole Simpson’s home, there seemed to be no evidence of any chemicals that police and investigators of a crime use to check for fingerprints, blood traces and other evidence. Reports state that several small traces of O.J. Simpson’s blood were found at the crime scene, yet upon examination he had no injuries other than the cut on his finger that did not seem recent. How did they determine the separation of the blood of the two victim’s and O.J. Simpson’s blood if no police forensics chemicals were found? Was the evidence planted by the killer or by law enforcement? Hey, L.A.P.D. is not the purest police unit in the United States.

Also, if you look at the evidence, it seems to have been planted strategically. O.J. Simpson is not the smartest person in the world and was surely not smart enough to have committed these two surgery-like murders, but he was also not stupid enough to leave bloody evidence at several different locations.

There are also the problems with suppressed evidence, barred witnesses and hidden phone records. The entire trial was an abomination of the American Justice System and a tragedy of errors, complete with clowns, rhymes, tears, animals, corrupt coppers and even a clown car.

While I am sorry about what happened to Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, this is what happens when little people try to roll in the underworld big leagues and think they are smarter than the masters of a game with no rules. This is often the sad outcome of those who try to gain fortune through the accord of others and not their own.

While I believe that O.J. Simpson is not guilty of murder, I believe he may have somehow been stupidly involved. It’s rumored that he used drugs, namely cocaine and so did Nicole Brown, but that’s just gossip. Some believe he was involved with a drug cartel or some type of drug trafficking. Maybe the murder of his ex-wife and her friend were a warning sign.

Still think O.J. Simpson is guilty of the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman? Myself and attorney F. Lee Bailey think not.


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