Online Taxes

1986 was a year many amazing things came into being. The movies Platoon, Short Circuit, and Aliens were created, and revolutionized film. The Cold War was ended in 1986, and Mike Tyson became the youngest Heavyweight Champion in history. Truly though, the most monumental of course being when I was born. It was also the year that electronic tax filing came about. Like most great ideas, however, it was not until 2005 that online tax filing really gathered steam, with over half of all returns being filed electronically. Some of the great benefits include less paperwork, less time, and less errors have all contributed to electronic filing gaining more popularity each year.

In our troubled economy and with everyone trying to go green and save what’s left of our planet, any way to save some paperwork is a plus for the environment. Filing electronically eliminates tons of paperwork by having all the information available to type out on a computer screen, on to the internet, and finally off to the I.R.S. Saving our oxygen-giving trees by not using a forest worth of them to file our taxes gives our future generations more to look at an enjoy amidst the concrete jungle we have built around ourselves.

Time is considered the most valuable resource. It is one thing we are not able to replenish, and once you lose that time it can never be given back or returned. Electronically filing your taxes saves that precious commodity to spend on your life, or to further your business. Doing so online allows you to automatically check for time-consuming errors that would otherwise take much longer to complete. You can also save time because instead of normally waiting two months for a refund to come to you, filing online can allow you to get your return within two weeks. Even gas can be saved with your online return, as they can directly deposit it into your bank account of choice.

If you’ve never filed your taxes online before, let this year be the time you try it. Electronically filing can save you not only money and the headache of double checking for errors which may or may not be there, but also the precious commodity which is the ever-ticking clock: time. As with anything else, e-filing is the wave of the future, and the future is now. Try e-filing your taxes this year with Online Tax Pros!