Ordering Checks how to get the Design you want

Unless it is your first checking account, you probably do not look forward to ordering checks. The style of check that you choose says a lot about you and your personality. For most people the approach to ordering checks is either to determine the cheapest checks available or find the design that shows something about them every time they write a check.

Ordering checks is not very tough work. Generally, the less adventurous sort of people just order some cute or functional style of checks from the bank that safeguards their money. Once the initial order is placed, they simply drop off the coupon for ordering the same style of checks when they are at the bank.

By going into the bank and asking, you can look at the scores of check designs available with various styles like top stub, side stub, and those with a check register. If you have problems remembering to record your checks, checks with duplicates behind them are available.

For some, it never occurs to them that they have hundreds of styles of checks from which to choose. For others, it is just too much bother. Not only can you order many styles of checks, you also have about a dozen companies competing for your business who are willing to give deep discounts on your first order from their company.

You can find additional check manufacturers in two or three ways. The first way is to ask your bank for a list of check companies. The bank should have a list of at least 2 or 3 to choose from besides the one that they use regularly. You can call or write to these companies and ask for brochures which they will gladly provide along with pricing and promotions.

Today, it would be rare for someone not to want to use the internet for their search. You can use the list provided by the bank or just do a search on check companies in Google or Yahoo.com. This should furnish yo with more companies than you want to sort out. Some old favorites are Deluxe and Artistic. The new ones are good to do business with, also.

The problem with searching online is that you may not find the discounts that are out there. Sometimes these discounts can net you 4 boxes of checks for less than 1 without the discount. If you are diligent, you will find the discounts. You need to be aware that these discounts are only available to first-time customers with that particular company. So, to take advantage of the lower price, you may have to switch suppliers every time you order checks.

The final and simplest way to find check suppliers is to read the weekend newspaper in most larger communities. In the coupon pages, check manufacturers will run large ads with many of their check designs featured. They will have some or all of their specialty checks available for the same price as blue safety paper or very little more. On these ads will be a coupon code that you can use by phone or online to order your checks at the reduced price.

If price does not matter to you, your bank is always the easiest place to get checks because they do most or all of the work for you. With just a little more effort, you can get great designs on your checks that will impress your friends at bargain basement prices.