Outrageous Electricity and Water Bills how to Save Big

Cut your water and electricity bills by at least a hundred dollars altogether! Think it’s impossible? Well think again! There are a few simple guidelines to follow in order to drastically cut back the costs on your utilities, while still getting the most out of everything you need. Many people are looking for cost-efficient ways to do things, even in the comfort of their own home, but they never think twice about leaving appliances running. If you are one of those people who falls asleep with the TV on at night, then you definitely have to change your routine if you want this to work.

How to Easily Save Water Within Your Home:

-When showering, make sure to only use the water when you absolutely need it. You can shampoo your hair and rinse, and then turn it off while you scrub your body. Turn the water back on to rinse off. If you shave in the shower, then do the same thing. This is an absolutely effective method of conserving water while putting that money back into your pocket. Think about how much water goes down the drain in just a matter of seconds. In less than half a minute you could have already used a gallon of water, maybe more! Now you can see why this is important, right?

-Another common mistake among people is leaving the water running while they brush their teeth. The same lecture applies. Gallon(s) of water going down the drain before you even finish. Whenever you brush your teeth, turn the water on to wet your toothbrush, and then turn it back off and leave it off until you need to clean your brush. There is really no reason to need to have running water while brushing your teeth. You can clean out the sink in the end, too, if that is what you are worried about.

-Want to save some money on your heating bill as well? Do your laundry with cold water! Yes, cold! A lot of people always use warm water when doing their laundry, which really makes no difference because it goes into the dryer or on the clothesline anyways, right? So either way, it will get warm again!

Now that you know how to save water, what about electricity? These seemingly outrageous bills are still growing across all of America, and people are scratching their heads in confusion when they see those triple digits get higher and higher. Another very simple thing to cut back on with the use of determination and organization.

How to Save on Your Electricity Bill Starting Now!

-Electronics. Everyone has them in their house, some of us a lot more than others. You may not think that it matters when you leave that little nightlight running all day, but it really can make a difference, even if only a few cents to a dollar. Every electronic appliance, every light, every little thing that plugs into your wall will use some amount of electricity, so what do you do to save money on your bills? It’s really simple! Unplug everything during the day and before bed, and while you are at home, unplug anything that you won’t be using for a while. This probably seems like a lot of work, but if you invest into one of those long outlet strips, then you can just plug everything in each room into one of these strips, and with the flick of a switch everything is off! However, the biggest rookie mistake in this practice is thinking that once it is turned off, it isn’t using electricity. Wrong! Even when something is plugged in it is still using electricity, but it is just storing all of that energy for when you turn it on again. If you do this, you would be surprised by how much money you can save! TVs, computers, lights, microwaves, coffee makers, etc. Unplug them!

-If you are up for it, then you can invest in having some solar panels installed to your house. These things really do work. On extremely sunny days you will definitely be paying absolutely nothing on your bill for that time frame!

Happy savings and good luck!