Over 55s Housing

The over 55s will only be too aware that their health and fitness will likely decline at some point and may decide to downsize to a more manageable property in the years after their family have ‘flown the nest’.

Many purpose-built over 55’s developments are being offered by reputable house builders nowadays to provide all manner of up to date specifications and even a little touch of luxury such as golf courses and spas.

Older couples or singles may require a property with less annual running costs so they are able to spend more on themselves now family commitments are a thing of the past. Quality leisure time is something everyone aspires to and keeping a healthy balance and remaining active as the years advance is therefore a priority for those who have always led active and fulfilling lives.

An over 55’s community will provide the security and provision that older buyers require. Perhaps you prefer the idea of communal gardens that are kept spick and span for the benefit of all residents rather than go to the bother of maintaining your own private garden.

There are many things to consider and an over 55’s community may not appeal to those folk who are fiercely independent. However this type of home can grant you more freedom to devote to other things rather than see to the day to day running of a larger family home and the complexity that entails.

Developers have quickly picked up on the demand for over 55’s developments and often offer house exchange options and other incentives to purchase a unit in a purpose built gated community .Active adult living. offers quality housing ideas to  the older buyer.

Some communities are warden controlled, so help if needed is always available and medical attention can be swiftly found. House managers are on call round the clock and there are often guest rooms, communal laundries and heating systems.  Many establishments allow you to bring a pet and allotted parking spaces are available.

It is rather like an all inclusive hotel in some ways as every provision for you is there if you require it – from lifts to wheelchair access and designated areas for socialising with other residents.

If you are uncertain as to whether such a development is the right choice for you why not conduct a search on Rightmove? This ever popular property portal has a search feature specifically for retirement homes so you can easily gather information about the properties you are interested in and see what is available in the area of your choice. You’ll be able to send off for an information pack and arrange a viewing. You can then assess this type of housing against other options such as a ‘Granny annexe’ or an individual flat or retirement bungalow.

Living in an over 55’s community can offer you a wider choice of the things that appeal to your age group so that you don’t have to go further afield to find them. In fact there aren’t many downsides unless you’re actually going to miss the young and lively crowd with their loud music, drunken brawls and screaming kids!

Whatever option of retirement home suits to you, you will be impressed with the selection of over 55’s communities that have become available in recent years.