Today, more than at any time in our history, we are increasingly bombarded with a barrage of information coming to us via our inboxes offering anything from pyramid schemes to the various fraudulent schemes all devised by those masterful craftmen whose intent it is to scam the unthinking masses or average consumer.  Thus, Arkansas Consumer Laws are designed in such a way as to safeguard or protect citizens from being victimized by these fraudulent activities as well as offering protection from indentity theft.

According to the Find Law website, Arkansans aren’t the only consumers that receives protection under the Arkansas Consumer Laws.  If you happen to be visiting the state now or in the future and decides to purchase something, then that guarantees you protection under the Arkansas Lemon Law. 

For example, an out-of-state businessperson visiting Arkansas on a business trip and needs to rent a car automatically falls under the Arkansas Lemon Law which says, in essence, ‘that any consumer who buys or leases, and registers a new motor vehicle in the state of Arkansas is covered under the lemon law.’

Also, these laws work in direct proportion to safeguarding the consumer against pyramid schemes.  A classic example of a pyramid scheme is that masterful deception engineered by Bernard Madoff in defrauding his investors out of their hard-earned dollars. 

A word to the wise:  The only winner in a pyramid scheme is the one who creates this masterful web of deception to scam his would-be or potential investor/s. 

Yet, today, we have a new avenue on which this elaborate scheme can be devised.  It is called the internet.  The email which can be used as a tool to market your products and services, can also be used by those potential pyramid schemers out there ready to take you for every cent you got.  So that’s why it is extremely advisable for you to safeguard your computer with the best antivirus software that money can buy.

Additionally, telemarketing fraud has increasingly become a major problem for the elderly.  On any given day, the elderly may fall victim to being bilked of their fixed income by these telemarketing fraudsters who operate in groves.  Yet these scoundrels have no morals when it comes to who they want to scam, the elderly are no exception.

Finally, Arkansas Consumer Laws will not only protect you from pyramid schemes and telemarketing fraud, but also protect you from indentity theft.  So if you have been a victim of identity theft, then you should seek legal counsel from a competent consumer lawyer.  That way, you will have the additional incentive you need to protect you from being further victimized.